Seem to be loosing strength???

  • This is Wednesday of week 4 and I seem to be loosing strength. I have done well in the cardio area and have been able to work toward higher levels of intensity however the weight training dose not seem to be producing as many personal bests. That being said, I have been able to increase my poundage from the start.  My thoughts are that I may be trying to go too heavy in searching for new personal bests. I approach the 10's in sets 3 and 4. 


    Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

  • From what I can tell, getting the proper weighting to push yourself to get 10's but not go too much is a fine line.   Hopefully others will be able to offer more assistance.   Make sure you are getting enough protein to help rebuild those muscles.

  • Poppi, if you are hitting your tens in set 3 and 4, maybe you are lifting too heavy for the first 4 sets.  If you read the progression, set 5 should be stressing you and set 6 (the one you change the weight exercise) should take everything you have to get to rep 12.  I know its tempting to try and lift heavy from the get go, but try backing off a bit, and save the tens for that final couple reps.  I think then you will see your body respond accordingly.  And I agree with dburg, make sure you are getting your proteins, they are the building blocks for our muscles.

  • Thanks dburg and firesong...good advise. Started last night and added and additional EAS Whey shake to boost protein without throwing the carbs too high, Still struggling to get the pr and cr in balance. Have stopped micro managing and tracking weekly and results much better. Sat is last day of 4th week ande am looking forward to wiegh in, measurements and pictures. Already planning 2nd challenge but will learn all ins and outs with the first one.

  • How are things going?

  • Things are going great firesong. posted 4 week results in my transformation under 4 weeks. I actually lost about 3 lbs lean but may have figured it out....not enough protein. I have been laboring over getting the proportions of protein and carbs and get hung up in calories etc. Been reading too much away from this site. Would really like some definitive infor for loosing fat and gaining lean at the same time. I had some good progress int first 3 weeks but am upset over the lean loss. If I increase protein then I need to increase carbs to keep up and with those two I end up increasing calories and I understand I will not loose fat unless I am calorie deficit for the day, week etc.  Any ideas?

  • firesong,

    Took your advice about weights and set myself up with amounts that will put me in position to hit the 10's on the last set. Guess I have been trying to push too hard and consequently not making the progress I had expected. Didn't get this way in 4 weeks don't know why I thought I would be able to reverse things so quickly. Touch of reality...I can deal with it...I'm still here....NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

  • Sounds like you are on the right track and doing great.  And you got that right that we sure didn't get here in a couple weeks. Stay strong.

  • I too seem to be losing strength.  I am getting better at the cardio portion of the program every time: I've  been going further distances, it's been 0.04 mile increase for me every time so far. .  Last time I went 2.80 miles in the 20 mins.  What I don't like is that I'm getting substantially weaker.  I started the program 2 1/2 weeks ago and I came off a mass building program.  I could get 225 12 times on the bench before I started and know I can only rep it out 7 times, so now I'm thinking about lowering the weight so I can get the 12 reps on the first set without using the rest-pause method.  It's a pretty bad feeling to lose that much strength, especially when your only 2 1/2 weeks into the program.  It could be my own fault though.  I came off that mass building program so I thought I needed to do more than the program recommends, so I've been picking 2 exercises for chest after the first 2 and do them the same way: x12,x10,x8,x6,x12-super x12.  I also do this for back and then all the muscle groups on legs, abbs, and calfs day.  Could this be why I'm losing so much strength?  If not, does anyone have any advice on what I should do?  I know I'm getting enough protein because I keep track of it- I've been consuming my bodyweights worth(gram per pound) in carbs and protein, which is 185.  I also consume about 41 grams of fat.

  • Losing strength despite consistent workouts is one of the main signs of over training.  Back off on the weight a little bit next week to give your muscles a chance to recover, then you can come back stronger.