Efforts noticed in the gym

  • I just wanted to share this story with everyone...

    I was just starting my LBWO this morning -- doing squats on the smith machine -- when an older gentleman approached me.

    He's about 75 or so and fit as a fiddle, a real Jack Lalanne type. I see him in the weight room every time I do weights -- for all I know, he's pumping iron seven days a week.

    He says to me, "Do you mind if I give you a little advice? You need to go just one inch deeper. It'll make all the difference in your squats. But you're strong!"

    At first I was a little embarrassed, as though I came across like a beginner. I was also a little mad. I know how to do squats! Would this guy ever say this to a man? I doubt it! Did he think I was just some gym bunny? YARGH! But then I put my ego in check and thanked him for his advice and did my next set with a deeper squat. Okay... he was right. I left the smith machine trembling, feeling that deep burn.

    A little while later in my workout, he approached me again. I had just finished a set and was panting and sweating, my face red.

    He said to me, "I really hope I didn't offend or embarrass you before. It's just that I can see you're really serious - I wouldn't say anything otherwise. A lot of people come in here and they don't know what they're doing -- not you. You're not just strong, I can see you have heart, and I respect that."

    I told him, "Thank you. I just work hard!"

    It was great motivation to keep pushing my tens. I'd earned the respect of this man, and he'd taken notice of my efforts.

    Anyone else have a story of other people noticing your efforts in the gym?


  • I have a couple and it is such a HUGE ego boost and motivator!!  My first was about 6 weeks into my challenge an older lady that works at the gym I go to stopped me to ask how much weight I had lost and then told me my efforts were really paying off and that I looked great!

    The second time I was doing bicep curls and I overhead a guy tell his buddy "dang I need to step it up she is curling as much as I do"!!  Even though he didn't say it directly to me this is one of my favorites!!

    The third was when another guy probably 15 years older than me told me "You have really great form" and then asked "how did you learn your way around a gym so well?" ;-)

    Finally the last a woman who I see at the gym pretty much everyday approached me and asked me if I was in "fitness competitions", lol I was like no, but thank you.  She said she assumed I was involved in fitness competitions and that I looked great and that she couldn't believe how much I could lift.  She went on to say she watched me doing bench step-ups one day and went home to try it and couldn't even do one step with the weight I was using!!!  That really made my whole week!!

  • Wow, those are all awesome! Great examples.

    I've certainly got tons of looks from guys in the gym over how much weight I'm lifting, the exercises I'm doing and how hard I'm working, but this was the first time anybody said anything.

    That fitness competition comment is the BEST, 1fitmama!

  • I've had a few instances like that in the gym.  One lady has seen me there day in day out for the better part of the year and came over to tell me I was doing great and looking amazing.  I was feeling particularly down that day, so it felt good.  It was also nice to bond with someone over the trials of getting into shape and the way others react to it all.

    Another instance happened this week in the lockerroom.  During active rest, I've been alternating between spinning and swimming.  I just finished swimming and an elderly gentleman asked me just how much weight I lost.  I told him the total (103 lbs) and he wanted to know all about my routine.  He says he'll have to try this after seeing how well I've done.  It really is a good feeling to get noticed for that.