Abs and cardio

  • I am through with week one. I started in pretty good shape, so I don't expect instant, dramatic results.  First, the cheat day...do you really eat any and all you want?  It seems like dereailing the train. I have hear that it keeps you thyroid on its toes though and actually is good for your overall goal.

    Abs:  It doesn't seem like they are getting enough work.

    Cardio...Definately hard to get used to NOT doing cardio on a a weight training day.

    Experiences and thoughts are welcome.  Thanks.

  • Free day (not cheat day since it is part of the program) is necessary but no need for an all out benge.

    For abs, you make the workout with the intensity level

    I was glad to go to only 3 days of cardio a week.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • Welcome!! Some people engage in free day and go all out, but once they gain control of their cravings the free day typically turns into a free snack for many. Personally I had a sugar addiction and by gradually eliminating sugar- I eliminated all the cravings. It has been said that it is a good idea to eat "free food" every now and then to keep your system guessing.

    Do you realize that you are actually working your abdominal muscles while doing cardio, and lifting weights?

    Cardio is essential in helping you to reduce that unsightly belly fat and will also help in losing overall fat. Cardio will prove vital in ramping up your metabolic rate, an absolute essential in your quest for ripped abs and all round muscular definition. If you perform HIIT cardio for 20 minutes one is typically dripping wet, completely exhausted and to taxed to consider weight training as well. Please make sure your intensity level is high enough. Hit those "10" and you will have no desire to do more.

    Warm wishes,


  • I tried something different the last two times I have worked my ABS.  I did the P90X for ABS at the gym and it a awesome workout.  I have to stop several times and even stop before the tape DVD ends.  I know there is a nice set of ABS under this little stubborn mid section.  When that last little bit of fat burns off it will be a different story.  I am giving it my all these next three weeks.  Anyone interested in burning your ABS up, this is a very good DVD.


  • Do the abs three times a week after cardio...........that's a lot of work.  

  • Have you read the book?  If so, Bill goes into depth about why you should use your free day.  Again, it's free, it's NOT cheat, it's part of the program.  You would have to eat and amazing amount of food on the free day to make a big difference.   So not derailing the train at all, if you go hog wild it would be slowing the train down to a crawl up a big hill, but progress is still happening.  

    If not for the free day, for many people, possibly myself included, probably couldnt stay on course. The first free day, I... Went... Overboard...    I paid for it the next 2 days, not as far as weight or anything like that, but just the old feeling of bleh.. After that I pretty much eat the same amount as normal days, but will allow real jelly instead of sugar free, real pancakes and whole eggs for breakfast etc etc..

  • dburg30,

    I agree with you.  The free day is part of the program.  It really does help you stay on track and it keeps the body guessing.  


  • I felt the same as you about getting enough abs workout.  But since my abs have really tightened, and have lost over 3 inches in my waist the first month my concern has dissipated.  What I do is planks as part of my lbwo routine, mixed with crunches with a weight ball.  The same amount of sets as all the other muscles.  And yes its hard to do, and it works.