Using Workout DVDs for HIIT?

  • Hi,

    Getting ready to start my BFL journey (I'm "testing the waters" this week but planning to really start 2/28) and I want to do my HIIT at home. I don't have a treadmill or anything, so I was wondering if anyone uses a workout DVD to do their cardio. If so, which ones? I know I can do things like jumping jacks or high-knees, but I don't think I can do 20 minutes of that without someone on screen telling me what to do.

    Any ideas? If that doesn't work I might try to do the HIIT with jogging/running outside, but it's chilly in the mornings (well, relatively speaking, I do live in Southern California!).


  • I have quite a collection of workout tapes-but love the beach body tapes by Tony Horton. That is what I plan on using. You can probably find these on Amazon at a reasonable price. They kick my butt every time-I normally have to hit pause several times until I get used to doing them again. Well worth it though-I lost a full pants size in the first two weeks using them!

  • I have the Insanity DVDs, I was planning on using those. Do you think that's close enough? It's by Beach Body too.

    P.S. I'm getting married July 2, and I saw your other post, so we're in a similar boat!

  • I haven't used those-but have heard they are intense too. If you can get through them-do it! As long as it gets your heart rate up long enough-I think they would work just fine. Congrats on your engagement! We are in the same boat!

  • I don't use workout dvds per se, so I can't give any advice on wich ones show good exercises to do.But I do have a motivational playlist from youtube I've put together of personal favorites; like motocross racers behind the scenes workouts (it;s documented that motocross racers have a higher heart rate during races than mountain bikers, those guys have to be in shape tp wrestle those 200lb machines around a track for 20 and 40 minute motos), and hockey players training and highlights of hockey etc. I stream it onto a big flatscreen with the surround system cranked (if possible at any given time)  It gets me motivated alright.

  • I have linked this site a few times but here it is again...GREAT HIIT ideas...

    Not sure of your fitness level, but she demonstrates beginner moves too

    Great site!! Let me know what you think...