Day 1, questions

  • So I've finally completed my first day. Stuck to the meal plan that my wife has labored over and perfectly planned out (she's the best!). Today was my first day in the gym on weights following the BFL workout.

    I did the first rep perfectly, and yeah I'm certain I was at a 10 because I barely got the last 4 or so up, it took everything I had. Which brings me to my first problem. I did the dumbell bench press, then for the burnout set (just what I call it, the last 12 is what I mean) I did the dumbell chest flys. After about 2 minutes I moved over to do the seated dumbell press, and I apparently had too much weight because I barely got 8 on the first rep. So I reduced the weight from 25 to 15, and tried to do 8 more, barely could get 4. I kept the 15s and was able to crank out 6, then 4, but wasn't able to get to about 8 or so for the last rep. And the side raises, got about 8 out of those. I was spent. I took about a 5 minute break, and was able to complete the rest of the workout, all reps, hit some 10s, didn't. It's my first day and I'll adjust.

    My question is, is it ok to take longer than 2 minutes to recover if you need to? When I first get started, my muscles ache and burn like crazy. About 25 minutes into it and I feel like a monster and the rest of the workout goes great.

    Also the way my meals fall, I ended up taking a Myoplex Strength formula 25g protein bar about 45 minutes before my workout, when the bar wrapper recommends after. This was because after my workout I came home and ate dinner which is my 6th meal. I didn't want to go into the gym with a gut full of food and the bars to me are the perfect amount, and the workout falls right between the last two meals. Am I wasting the potential of the bar?

    And sorry one more thing. Although I worked on my upper body I got a killer cramp in my left leg while stepping up into my Jeep and I had to walk it off about 5 minutes before I could even drive home. Any good supplements to prevent cramps like these? I know I should eat a banana but I don't want to go over my portions for the day, or should I not worry about it?

    Sorry I have so many questions, just excited to be doing this, and I want to make sure I can keep myself running smoothly for the long haul.

  • Welcome aboard !!!!

    With regard to weights, you will adjust as you move forward.  My suggestion is to start pretty light for each exercise (levels 5 and 6).  The last you want is to burn out early......the key is to really nail your 9's and 10's.  Are you waiting 2 mins between your "9" and "10" ?  If so, don't wait 2 minutes to do your last need to go right at it with no rest.   ......I've been doing BFL for 17 weeks straight now and, as an example, I only start out with 15lbs for bicep curls.  I've learned not to let my ego get in the way.  I see some guys next to me curling 40 lbs. - they do about 6-8 reps and then walk away.  

    As far as your meals, it's fine to eat right before yoru weight training...i try to eat a good protein meal about 1-2 hours before and have Myoplex shake right after weight training.  Many on this forum do not receommend the bars, although I have been using them with great results.   However, I am going to switch to  a whey protein shake before and a Myoplex shake right after weights.   For cardio days, I don't eat 3 hours before and 1 hour after exercising.  

    Also, drink tons of water to avoid those cramps  - no supplements needed....I try to drink 60-70oz. per day.  Oh, and don't have the banana as a 7th meal !  

    Belive me, these BFL tecnhiques work wonders..i'm down 40lbs. in the 17 weeks and cut body fat from 25 to 17%.  

  • Great info Highplainsdrifter thank you! I have to ask where you're from because of your username. I'm in Amarillo, TX.

  • Sorry and to answer your question, yes I was immediately doing a second 12th rep at the end with a different excercise without waiting. As much as I could anyway, on one machine I had to replace the bar I was using and move the slider to the top, so there was about 45 seconds there but I went immediately into the last 12 reps on everything without waiting.

  • I'm from Buffalo, NY , but I love the Old West (and Clint Eastwood flicks).  I try to vacation out west quite a bit.......actually,  I might be going through Amarillo next year on my way to the Grand Canyon.  I heard you have a great steakhouse there...forget the name..but they have a huge steak (something like 7lbs. ?).     Maybe I'll try that on my free day !

  • It's the Big Texan and it's a 72oz steak. Eat it in an hour (along with all the trimmings) and you get it for free. This thing is like eating an entire roast.

    Sorry I was just curious because there are various sports teams here called the Drifters, and it's the High Plains and all :)

  • Hey! I am originally from Buffalo too...which part you from?

  • Born in South live in Eden, NY

  • Ok, I was born in the city of Buffalo near Hertel Avenue

  • but now live in Toronto :)

  • Go Leafs....

  • NO WAY!!! If my kids and hubby saw that they'd FREAK!!!

    We are Vancouver Canucks fans!!! (My husband is from Vancouver!)

  • Just kidding....I'm a HUGE Sabres fan.  Canucks are my second uniforms !!!