Time to change things up!

  • Hi Everyone,

    First of all just let me say a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to offer advice over the past 5 weeks :)  I have just completed my 4th workout of week 5, C1 and am coming on leaps an bounds. I am getting stronger now, its taken a bit of time, and am starting to see some positive changes.... I'm not rippling muscle, I still have that layer of fat, but I can feel them there and have dropped a dress size.

    I am going to start changing things up at the gym for my LBWO and UBWO.  I have just mastered the deadlift and love doing them, but I need to try new things so that my body will respond the way I want it to.  

    Now, the gym I go to has a lot of what I like to call "hair twirlers" sat on the machines. Hair Twirlers are women who sit there texting, re-braiding their hair and lifting the lowest weights incorrectly, so I am not going to wait around and have my routine disrupted by them.  I am looking for dumbbell exercises!  Could you please shout some out?  I will be doing a completely different set of exercises starting week 6 (Tuesday 8th Feb) for each muscle group.

    Suggestions please :)

    Jules82 xx

  • dumbbell bench press, dumbbell incline press, dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell incline flye, lat raises with dumbbells, reverse flyes with dumbbells...dumbbell squats, deadlifts, one legged squats, thrusters...dumbbell curls, tricep kickbacks...

    I can go on and on... the only machines I will use for variety is leg curl, leg extension and leg press...otherwise all dumbbell and barbells!!!

  • UB

    Biceps: In and out bicep curls (alternate between standard in the front, and ones on the sides (pulling from hip to shoulders) each alternate counts as 1

    triceps: laying down tricep extensions. lay on ur back, punch dumbbells to ceiling drop down to ears and extend up

    shoulders: deep swimmers press, start dumbbells like holding a lunch tray (bicep and forearm make 90 degrees) then cork them up and press them up to the sky. bend ur knees so u dont hurt back

    chest: diamond pushups, make diamond with thumbs and pointer, wide feet and drop chest to hands and up


    calf: 3 way calf raises, outward, parallel and inward

    quads, wall sits, 2 angle one above 90 one at 90, alternating every 15 seconds for 1 minute, add weight to lap if youd like, or just add time (these are killer)

    hamstring:lunges, holding dumbbell, add weight,.

  • These sound excruciating!  I can't wait to try these out!  Triceps especially, they are my trouble spot!

    Thanks to you both for posting these! :)

  • The BFL original book has plenty of suggestions...do you have the book?

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  • I do have the BFL book, but am a bit bored with the exercises in there. The book also suggests machines which I want to avoid.  I like the alternative exercises Jeff has mentioned.  I looked some of them up on youtube and are right up my street! :)

  • These a great ideas.  I'm going to try the shoulder, biceps and quads suggestions.  Thanks!

  • I love the book "Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness" by Matt Brzycki and Fred Fornicola.  It concisely covers dozens of lifts, the safety and effectiveness of dumbbells, and some snippets on the history of dumbbells, including use by one of our founding fathers.


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  • Thanks Jacium :) I will check that out on my free day and put them into effect week 6!

    Artsybooklady, as well as triceps, these are the three muscle group exercises I am wanting to change up :)  How far along into the challenge are you?

    Keep the suggestions going guys! They all sound great!