Anybody start on January 10, 2011? I did

  • Hello BFL Family

    I started on Jaunaury 10 and in the second week I got really sick.  I am sticking with it, no excuses right! Right now doing the eating plan since I have gained strength again.  I couldn't even fix my food, I was just that exhausted.  Maybe I will try some resistance stuff at home tonight just to get back into the swing of things.  I'ts cold where I am so getting out in the air may not be the best thing for someone trying to ger over the "crudd", as the doctor so nicely put it before having the nurse give me a shot.  Any suggestions?  Also, any supplements suggestions for energy and immune system building that won't interfere with my Synthroid?

    Thank you!

  • Hey OH2beme,

    As for immune booster supps- take a high dose garlic, vitamin C, olive leaf and zinc complex.... you should find a product with all of these in it and really dose up (like 3-4/day)

    Do you have an under or overactive thyroid and are you medicatied?

    If no- try green tea caps or something like spirulina/ super greens caps

    If your underactive and are on medx- you should have enough energy from the medictaion- double check with your doc that ur on the right dose

    goodluck and get better :)

  • I started 1-10 so far so good im taking green tea caps don't really feel a rush but the scale has been nice to me these last 4 weeks so I believe that in conjunction with the meal plan and workouts ta a winner and relatively inexpensive I bought a 200 cap sofgel bottle from costco for under 15$ :-) keep it up O2beme looking forward to hearing about your progress..