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  • How do you decide which will be your major work out exercise for each body part?  When it talks about Chest for example: IN the book he uses dubmell Bench Press and then ends with flyes.  Can you use Flyes  for the major part and end with press?  How do you now which exercise to use where?

  • Dave - You can choose any 2 in each category for that body part.  Also, it's best to change them up sometimes.  The back of BFL has good examples of several for each part. 

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  • If you have the choice of free weights AND resistance machines, I have been changing up my routine by doing only free weights (dumbell / barbell) one week, and switch to all resistance machines the next, and then a mixture the next...Most machines in the gyms actually show you what body parts they concentrate on, so get a notebook and walk around making a plan of exercises to change up your plan.

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  • What helped me decide on what exercise to choose was the below websites (I prefer the first over the second).  There are exercises from using free weights to bodyweight and they follow along nicely with the BFL charts.  They also have video on how to perform the exercises and the first includes a diagram with a link to each part of the body for finding an exercise for that bodypart.  It made planning my weekly exercises a breeze:

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  • I include the bigger compound movements as the primary exercises then superset with something more targeted.  The basic compound movements are squats, deadlifts, benchpress, and overhead press.  Chin ups, dips, and rows are also good auxillary exercises.  Everything else is gravy.