Betagon and CLA

  • When should these be taken?  Before or after a work out and in afternoon? With or with out meal?

  • According to the container, CLA is to be take with meals 3 times a day.   CLA should be taken the same as Betagen with respect to timing after your workouts.

    As for Betagen, I'm reposting a response that was given by BFLMike (aka Mike Harris 2006 50+ Men's BFL Champion) to someone who asked this same question about a year ago:

    "The only truly "critical" time for taking Betagen is to get it...into your tired body right after resistance training.  Taking it after cardio? If I were you, I’d wait about half an hour before doing that, just so you don’t interrupt the fat burning cycle that goes on post cardio for about 15 to 30 minutes.

    It probably IS a good idea to keep the servings at least 8 hours apart or so, but you cannot overdose on anything in Betagen, so the main thing is just to be sure you do take it every day."

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!