What Music Do You Listen To At The Gym?

  • Was at the gym earlier and noticed about 75% of people (including myself) all have earphones on during their Cardio. Some even have their Ipods hooked up when they Bench (i couldn't concentrate on my reps with music playing).

    Got me thinking what kind of music everyone listens to to get motivated for their workout.

    I teach music and am a fully qualified guitar teacher so music is a huge part of my life and can honestly say I even go so far as to plan my playlists to 'peak' at when I know I'm going to be hitting a level 9 or 10. I feel it gives me the extra I need.

    At homeI listen to everything from Miles Davis to Metallica but for working out I tend to go for either high energy Rock or Dance.

    Been recently enjoying Katy Perry's new album as I find a lot of the tracks are 'feel good' music... definiterly a guilty pleasure

  • I have been listing to the following as of late.

    Its all FREE

    We're Alive (www.zombiepodcast.com/.../Main.html)

    Which is a podcast designed on the model of old school radio dramas.  It really is worth checking out.

    I also listen to free books @ http://www.podiobooks.com/ keep to the award winners and you will be fine.  

    If I get motivated I will pick up a 3rd language.

    I know I am a freak.  

  • I listen to whatever is playing in the gym through their speakers.  My mind is totally focused on my workout, and my body.  I tried an MP3 player, but it distracted me too much from reaching my intensity levels at the right time.   Achieving a strong endorphin release, whether I'm lifting or doing cardio, is better than any music!

    All this helps tie the link between mind and body together, so the mind understands that eating is for the body, not for it.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • I also do not listen to anything but what's playing on the gym speakers for weights. I don't think I could concentrate on hitting those 10's either with music going.

    BUT for cardio...heck ya! I have some current stuff that is fast and motivating to listen to. The music for cardio actually HELPS me hit those tens as it must pump me in some way that gets me more motivated to work harder!

  • I've always listened to what the gym has on. It usually is very upbeat and stimulating for cardio pacing. (a few exceptions here and there though). I've always thought that an Ipod or headphones would distract from my concentration on the workout overall. (also one more piece of equipment to keep track of on the floor). I guess whatever works for you, some folks find that music focuses them more.

  • Couldn't do cardio without my tunes...I listen to soft rock, hard rock, 80's rock, country, christian, pop....you name it, it is on my ipod....quite the mix.

    I don't listen to anything, other than what is playing at the gym, when I do weights.  Earphones and ipod just get in the way.

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