No Official Challenge for 2011???

  • I notice that EAS have not put up official challeng dates for 2011 yet on the site. Does that mean no official challenge for this year? Seems so odd not to have put something up as I imagine a lot of people post hangover will be looking for this site and details...

  • The 2011 challenge dates will be posted soon. You can begin training today! Keep checking the sight and I'm sure it will be posted any time now.



  • From what I understand, if you started anytime after the November 26th cut-off date for 2010, you will be entered in the 2011 challenge.  I hope all those people with a hangover reading this site will drink their water, lace up their sneakers and join us in the new year.  It will be a decison no-one will regret.  All the best to you.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Have just read over it again and it seems you can't register anyway if you are outside the US and Canada. Not that I was really that interested in the competition side of it anyway. The International EAS site is such a pain to find your way around!

  • Hi Antinous,

    Yes, we will be posting 2011 information soon like Lori said (thanks Lori!).  As for registering internationally, we just opened up registration internationally.  However, the challenge is currently only open to residents of the United States and its territories.  The advantage to registering even though you aren't eligible to win is that you will be able to track your own challenges.

    Hope this helps!

    The BFL Team

  • wow I didn't realize that the challenge wasn't open to people in Canada.  Somehow I thought it was.

  • Okay I see why I thought it was also open to Canadians - because it says so in the first of the rules in the Challenge package.  Is this changing?  That would really suck because I just convinced a bunch of people to enter - all Canadian.

  • All Abbot / EAS products are no longer available in Canada - have to be smuggled over the border I guess!  All I want is to change my health / life forever and to receive a certificate that I completed the challenge - if BFL doesn't provide one, I'll make one up for myself!  All the best ot everyone - keep striving for your goals!!