training to failure

  • Can anyone help?

    Should i be training to failure on each set at the gym?

  • Great question. Maximizing the productivity of your workouts should be of paramount importance to anyone wanting to build an impressive physique. However, training to failure on each set is not doable. (atleast not for me) I try and focus on one particular exercise per. day and give it 110%. When I reach failure I am completely exhausted and cannot continue that extreme intensity for every set,and every muscle group that day.

  • Thank you..

    The help is much appreciated.. I was attempting to train to failure on all sets but, my later parts of my work outs were really affected and i was struggling. It makes sense to target one muscle group per workout, i will give it a try.

    Thanks again..

  • Bodoh,

    Your welcome. Let me know how you do.



  • Training to failure becomes doable - but only after many months. Don't even think of trying this on your 1st or 2nd challenges - you have more important things to learn and do at this point.  Starting out, you should focus on selecting the weights to get through the 12/10/8/6/12-12 sequence, and lift your heaviest weight at 6 reps, and just barely make your 12/12 after you decrease the weights.  I too struggled with this, but got it down after about week 3.


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  •  I am consistently adjusting my weights so that by the time I get to my heavy set of 6...I'm just about to failure. I then lower my weight down to do the set of 12...going for failure while watching my form...then moving to the new exercise and going to failure on the 11th or 12th rep. My form is very important along with pushing myself beyond what my head is telling me.

     On "Upper Body Work Out" I'm doing my major muscle groups first (Chest and Back) which also incorporate the arm muscles (Biceps and Triceps). So by the time I get to arms they're ready to go for more. This works the same on my legs as I work my Quads first.

     I am finding that by bringing my last sets close or to failure, I move up on the weights frequently. Above all...I watch my FORM and that requires a little research and asking questions. Once I can do a set without failure, I raise the weight for the next time I do the set. I keep a little notepad with me to take notes during the 2 minute rest between body parts.

     This is what works for me...Good luck and keep us posted,