• Last week was my first week. My legs were so sore by Friday that I could barely walk. I did not go to the gym Friday, Sat. or Sun. I went back today (lower body day) and had a great workout. I am worried that with two lower body days this week and the aerobics, that I may end up in the same situation that I was in last week. I don't want to skip workouts due to soreness, but I don't want to injure myself either. Any thoughts?


  • Some things that have always helped me to deal with the DOMS (delayed onset muschle soreness), plenty of fluids and a good stretching session following the workout, sauna seems to help me too (theres one at the gym).  Unfortunately, after a long time of not asking our muscles to do more than the daily routine, they tend to hurt after workouts for a couple of weeks.  Just try to stretch and work out the muscles.  As long as it is soreness and not PAIN, it will pass in time.

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  • Jimmy,

    leevis2 is right. It takes time for our muscles to adjust to the new demands we place on them in the gym. Be enouraged though. If you are sore you are on the right track and pushing your body hard and not just going through the motions. Beleive it or not there comes a time when you miss the soreness. I would aggree with leevis2, drinking lots of water, stretching, using a sanua or hot tub or hot bath will all really help. On weeks where you have 2 LBWO (lower body work outs) I have found that it is important to still get the cardio in. When your legs are sore running on the treadmill is hard at first but as you push through and the blood gets pumping the sorness leaves.

    The other thing I personally recommend is supplements like EAS L-Glutamine and HMB. The best thing to do is give EAS a call on the 1-800 number. The great staff there will match you and your goals to the right supplement. I can attest from my own experience that supplements have not only allowed me to push harder in the gym but also recover faster.

    Keep up the great work!


  • I have some L-Glutamine and have been taking it everyday. I had a great LBWO yesterday and aerobics workout today. Things are looking up again. Can't wait to start seeing some progress.

  • Jimmy I remember my very first BFL lower body workout 10 years ago.  I had no idea that day that walking lunges would be so dibilitating to me.  I even became nauseated from the soreness.  What I've learned in the 10 years since is that a body at rest doesn't work through the soreness as fast as a body that continues to move.

    Even if it means getting up and walking to look out each of your windows for a few moments.  

    You will still get sore after your next workout, but not nearly as bad as the first time.  Over time you'll be longing for that soreness after your workouts.  

    Hang with it and it will pass pretty quickly.

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  • Thanks Michelle. I did still go shopping with my wife and play with my 3 year old son. I just did not do anymore workouts for the week. I feel great today after one LBWO and Aerobics on the treadmill today. I am a little sore, but I am back at it!