HIIT Treadmill running routine??

  • I am about to start C2 and want to try running again for my HIIT.  I have been fighting a foot injury but feel I can give it a whirl.  I know everyone's routine is different but curious to see what others do.  This was my routine before my foot injury.

    warm up 6.O

    1---- 6.5




    MY 10 was 8.5 or 9 can't remember

    I am wondering if there is enough difference in the speed of the intervals or if I should start out slower.  I only was able to do 3 of these in my last challenge due to my injury.


  • Hi LDPower,

    This is actually very close to the intervals I run at the moment, and I've debated whether it would be better to spread out the interval (ie. go from 5.5 - 9.5 by 1) or make the interval smaller (7-9 by 0.5) and have less recovery. I came to the conclusion that both would we good, and that mixing them up would probably be even better. For myself, without going down to 5.5, I couldn't do 9.5, but 5.5-7 is pretty easy.  Staying between 7-9 for the 4 builds is hard for me, and I expect I'm anaerobic for most of it- which is good training. this is mph.

    If you're fighting an injury, I would suggest not getting your intensity (8,9,10) running your max speed, which is asking for more injury-- but making your recovery less complete. Alternatively, using a hill gradient (say 3-6%) but at a slower pace can be REALLY hard, but really reduce the chance of further injury (depending on the injury).

    Just my thoughts! good luck with the injury. maybe bike would be safest?

  • LDPower,

    This is my usual HIIT run on the treadmill. I hurt my knee a few weeks ago, so some days are slower some faster, but I am always pushing for more.

    Warm up 2 min @ 5

    1 - 6

    2 - 7

    3 - 9

    4 - 10

    I do this 4 times

    the last min is again at 10 since the machine stops at 10.

    cool  down 1 min @ 6

    Then I usually walk backwards at 3.5 becasue it really helps my knee.

    I hope this helps


  • I'm starting my first challenge next week and will likely be doing 1 treadmill workout per week.    I've had some MCL issues in my right knee when I run on the treadmill at a high rate so I think I'm going to try using the incline to vary my intensity level.  

    I was cruising along a 7.0 today and started stepping up 1% every 1:00.   Made it all the way to 8% for a minute and I was gased.   So I think I might go  2%, 3.5%, 5%, 6.5%, 8%.   Anyone else use incline to vary their intensity?   I'd be interested in hearing other experiences.

  • Weak knees thats me, rather bad knees (ACL replaced 9 years ago, 100% but it still gets sore sometimes)  Does anyone out there have bad knees? If so, what are you doing for cardio and which legs routines are you doing?

    I completed my first LBWO, which was great! Max weigh wad 50 pounds. Now I am aching just a little.

  • I get knee problems if I do too much of the same thing.  So I alternate my cardio days with treadmill, next time I do elliptical which my gym has 2 kinds, and then bike, also have 2 kinds.  

    I vary the treadmill incline along with speed to increase intensity.  

    Oh, I heard going backwards on an elliptical is good for your knees.  So sometimes I do one interval forward, next one backward, etc. til the end.

    So each week, I get one run in, one bike, and one elliptical exercise in.  I wear a knee brace when on the treadmill.

  • Thank you OptiGirl.  I also wear a knee brace when on the treadmill. My carido workouts have been great, but my first lower body WO I did lungs and squats and had pain.  I plan on changing the routine the next time.  Not sure what I am going to try yet.  I really need to work my legs. :)

  • Laurie,

    Those look like good speeds to me! Be careful with your foot though and build up to it if needed. Good luck with C2!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thanks DebbieMO!  I think I may give the treadmill a whirl again this weekend!  I want to run so bad but my last experience on the treadmill was not a good one resulting in injury!  I have rested it though and feel I am ready!  


  • Laurie:

    IMO, if you injured yourself last time on the TM, you should work up to those above listed speeds instead of starting with them.  Wait until it feels right.  My ending speed last time was a 9, and this time, I have only worked up to an 8...but plan to get there in time.  It's not worth hurting yourself again.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I find that putting the treadmill on an incline of a 3.0 really keeps the impact on my knees as I step down pretty minimal.  I think this is because I am stepping up instead of fully extending my leg as you would running on a flat surface.  I haven't had any real knee issues at this point though so it is hard to say how it will effect everyone.  Hope this helps and good luck with the challenge!

  • I was having some hip flexor issues from running at high speeds so some of the suggestions were to use incline instead of speed. Was a GREAT idea. No hip flexor aggravation anymore and an AMAZINGLY challenging and different workout!!

    I keep the speed constant at about a 5.5 MPH and vary the incline from a 3% to a 10% -12% at my high. I assure u if you do not hold on to the rails at all, this is brutal.

  • BDMom- no doubt I will be taking it slowly!

    Good info ayummymommy!  My SIL has hip issues!  I am going to share this with her and see if it helps her!


  • Gosh, I always thought the incline while running would be harmful for the knees. Guess it is individual, and whatever works, works.  I say as long as you are getting it done, then great!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I did my first HIIT treadmill workout today.

    1 6.0 0%

    2 6.5 0%

    3 7.0 0%

    4 7.0 2%

    5 7.0 4%

    6 7.0 6%

    7 7.0 0%

    8 7.0 2%

    9 7.0 4%

    10 7.0 6%

    11 7.0 8% --I screwed up and went to 100% by accident -- won't make that mistake again  :)

    12 7.0 0%

    13 7.0 2%

    14 7.0 4%

    15 7.0 6%

    16 7.0 0%

    17 7.0 2%

    18 7.0 4%

    19 7.0 6%

    20 7.1 8%

    21 4.0 0%

    22 2.0 0%

    An incredible workout in a very short time.   I'll be curious to see how much more I can handle as I continue with the program.   It's very interesting that I can run for an hour on the treadmill at a constatnt speed -- by the time I get out of the shower and changed I've stopped sweating but with this workout, I was back at my desk drinking my morning shake and was still sweating like a mad man.   Amazing...