Anyone else feel they are 'hogging' the dumbbells in the gym?

  • Just done my 6th and final workout for my first week of BFL. I feel great but am aware i may be hogging up to 5 different weights of dumbbells in the gym when i do my upper  body work out for up to 30 mins. Once i find the weights i need off the rack i hoard them all around my bench and am afraid of anyone else taking them off me and spoiling the flow of my workout. Am i selfish? Anyone else feel this?

  • I always take just what I need for two sets, and then when I finish my first set, I exchange those for what I'll need for my third set, and keep changing up to where I only have two sets with me at a time.  I don't want to upset anyone at the gym.  And, yes, there have been times that I am not able to get the weights I want, but I  improvise, and it always works out.  Good luck.

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  • I do the same as BDMom, and then when you can't find the 20's for example...the challenge is on! TRY 25's!!

  • I have also doubled up on weights if someone is using the one I need. For instance, a 15 and a 5 if someone has the 20.

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  • I only take what I need for whatever set im doing, taking all the dumbbells for your entire workout is hogging them and wouldnt be tolerated in the gym I go to, you should try and go to the gym at less busy times

  • I do like BDMom and even then I feel like I'm hogging them.  The other reason I do it that way is because sometimes I'll find that I feel so strong in one set that I decide I'll up the weight more than expected in the next set.

  • I guess it's just that i'm very focused going into the routine that I want to have all my different weights for my level 6,7,8 etc. By doing this workout it's not like we're doing 4 sets of 12 reps of the same weight like others in the gym.

    I do go at quiet times though (6.30 am) and there are 2 or 3 dumbbells for each weight, but they are all on this 30 foot rack and nobody puts them back together. You go look for a set and each dumbbell is a different end of the room!

    I think what i'll do is clear a space on the rack and have them all sitting where my eyes can see them, but leave each set back after the set. I guess that would be 'correct' gym etiquette. I also guess i'm a little anxious in the gym anyway, but i guess that'll go away with confidence.

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    Yes, you will feel more confident after awhile, and you will know what feels right.  You do have a minute between sets, so definately enough time to get that next set of weights.  I ditto what ayummymommy said.  I was waiting for 22.5# weights one day, and someone had them, so I did 25's, and realized I could possibly up my weight next time.  Hang in there, and stay focused....just don't hog the weights ;).  Ha!!

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  • I also only take the set of dumbells I need, like sixpackmission.  Tying up five sets of dumbbells is an extremely inconsiderate thing to do.  Putting the dumbells back on the rack gives me good excercise, and makes the workout all the more demanding, which is what it's all about anyway.  If your're serious about getting fit, IMHO you should do the same.


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  • Um yeah you have 60 seconds between sets. Rack the weights

    After each set

  • Have you ever tried Powerblocks? With the click of a dial you can alter your weight from 5 pounds to 45 pounds with one set of dumbbells. They are very effective, easy to use and comes with it's own stand. My husband bought me a pair for a gift and I leave them at the gym. (you can also buy a set with more weight)

  • Hording the equipment that other people also need is bad form, etiquette and very selfish.

  • I would say it is considerate(as I have done) to replace/ rerack the weights. If when you are pyramiding during sets you feel your flow is going to be disrupted, then perhaps it is time to challenge yourself and try the next higher weight with same or a few less reps to compensate if necessary. It helps to keep everyone happier in a busy gym.


    Thanks for the advice. I wasn't intending to be selfish by keeping the weights around me, it's a big gym and when im there there is only about 4 or 5 other people, it's not real busy. But from tomorrow's workout on I'm going to set them back one at a time and try to relax a little more (it doesn't help that I have an anxiety problem which im on medication for). If one of the weights i want to use goes to the bench next to me i'll just grab a heavier one and get over it.