Workout Pain

  • If the cocoa powder works, please let me know...

    I started the glutamine yesterday so we will see how that works out...

    I will be sure and keep everyone updated on the progress


  • The best way to help with muscle soreness (lactic acid build up) is to STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH!! Also, By moving the sore muscles, you gradually begin to restore them to a normal state, but you will not be able to exercise to your full potential, because the damaged muscles have lost some strength. I call this soreness the Athlete's Hangover.

    Typical recommendations for short-term treatments include, topical application of sports balms, creams, and submersion in a hot tub or time in a sauna. Some athletes also turn to aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain and inflammation.

    Resting is the worst thing you can do. Perform cardio, keep moving and hang in their. Lastly, their are some great supplimentation products to help with muscle recover. I use reload by EAS.



  • Until I read Lori's post above I completely forgot about the not resting part, this is soooooo true, the worst thing is to rest even though we feel like curling up on the couch, don't do it.... keep moving, I read that somewhere when I had  a lot of pain and it works.

    Also, stretch a lot, forgot that one too, my mind was on vacation or something but those two things really help, hang in there!

    I tried the glutamine but for me unfortunately it did nothing, it does work for some people though.

  • Remember the importance of water too. A hydrated muscle rebuilds and repairs alot faster than a dehydrated muscle. :)

  • My ex was a pro. He would be sore and mashed up and he would still go for training. It goes away with time. Stretching is the best remedy but it also takes time.

    A hot shower, and a relaxed "float/swim" in the pool might help as well.

    I was and still am incredibly sore from my previous upper body workout. It was maybe 4 days ago. I did a good workout today for my upper body. As good as the previous one albeit more painful. You have to watch out which pain is "normal" pain and which is pain that means you got something wrong going and you got to stop or see a doc.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • An update on the progress...

    Glutamine is straight from heaven...I started it on Wednesday of last week (LBWO day)

    By Saturday, my legs were fine.  

    Friday night, i had a fantastic UBWO, killed my armsand chest and by sunday night, tip top shape.  

    I know different people react to certain things differently but for me, the Glutamine is KING!!!!!


  • My first upper body workout left me feeling very sore.  I could barely lift my arms but by Friday, the soreness had gone away.  Just this past week, which was week 8 for me, my arms were once again sore but that was because I was intensifying my workouts.  The soreness only lasted a couple of days.  Keep up the hard work.  It is paying off for me.  I am looking forward to these last 3 weeks and then my next challenge.