Work Out Sheets

  • Is it only me or does it feel odd recording everything while at the gym on a piece of paper and kind of difficult also with the lack of hard surfaces?

    I found a solution!  Not only that I have gotten interest from several people.

    I went to a office supply store and got them to Laminate the workout sheets with heavy plastic that does not bend easily and picked up a set of super fine dry erase markers.  I record everything at the gym then transfer it to excel spread sheet.

    Anyways just tossing my solution out for others.


  • Thanks for the idea! I use the BFL Success Journal. It had all the sheets plus a page called the power mindest to set daily goals plus an inspirational success story and peice of advice from bill phillips on every day. It is amazing!  I highly reccomomend it!

  • my gym has clipboards. but i still dontsee many others using but me.  when i do, i glance to see if they're using the BFL sheets... so far, no.  But when I do, I'm gonna be so excited and comment to them!  I was hoping to get some attention from people since I'm constantly walking around with one, and then I could introduce the bfl method, but so far everyone minds their own business.

  • I am in my last week of BFL and I am so glad that I recorded my journey. I now can look back at my BFL sheets and see my progress. I also put my before picture on the back of each page and peeked at it when I felt weak or tired and it really motivated me. Eventually I started adding my newer pictures and started a scrap book.

    Flipflop you idea is so easy-love it!

  • lorig2727,

    It was only after I laminated them did anyone even seem to notice.  I also do not see people recording the workouts as a general rule of thumb.  With the exception of people with personal trainers and then the trainer is recording not the person doing all the work :)

  • Flipflop,

    It just goes to show you the power of one person! You should patent this.. it's easy and does not exist. Power to you!!

  • I do not record my workouts at the gym because the machines are linked to FitLinxx, which keeps a record for me that I can look up on the internet. When I do manual weights I record them in my success journal as soon as I get home, because otherwise I will forget.

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  • You can't really patent the lamination of someone elses IP.  Now if it was part of the FlipFlop exercise program with unique IP then sure :)

  • I have no problem recording stuff in the gym. The gym I go to is very old school. Walking around with a punch of papers is embarrassing lol. But I do it anyway. I slot in my numbers when I have a minute break between sets. It's recording meals that I find taxing because I like to eat tiny bits of many things like one sliced olive with one grilled pimento pepper and one pickled onion... baaah lol

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  • Flipflop I really like that idea.  I have tried lots of different ways of recording my workouts even before I started doing BFL.  I found coil bound books work well.  Then I got the Eat Clean journal but when I started BFL I got the success journal to track all 84 days of the challenge.  But I have to admit I find the book to cumbersome to take to the gym and lug around so I've gone back to the EC journal and I'm transferring the info to the success journal.  But I really like your idea and I think I'll try it.  The firmer surface would be a great help.  

    Does anyone else have a problem recording the cardio bit?  I write down the rotation by minutes just like in the success journal on a pice of paper and just prop it on the bike display but I'm working hard for those 20 mintues and I certainly don't have time to record what level I've achieved.  

    I've just been following it and then at the end writing down about how I felt for the last 2 minutes.

  • i write down my previous speeds /levels on a post it note and stick it to the machine. i then try  to either match or increase them for my current workout.  right after im done ill jot down any differences i made, then write it down in my regular binder when i get home.

  • I bought a cheap clipboard and use that.  If me doing curls with 15s while the guy next to me does them with 60s didn't embarrass me at the start, a clipboard sure isn't going to!  However, I also use a stopwatch around my neck to keep the recovery periods to 1 minute, and I'm definitely the only guy I see with one of those!

  • Yikes, this thread is really complicating things. 

    Since I'm in maintenance mode (according to some), I use a Marker Board Calender to track the big picture.  UB, LB self explanatory.  AER = cardio, Precor = elliptical, TM = treadmill.  I try to use abbrevations and be efficient.

    UB & LB are tracked using a single sheet printout of the appropriate journal pages.  Each sheet covers two workouts - use the "plan" column for the 1st workout, the "actual" for the 2nd.  Record your watch second hand reading in the last column (intensity is a given now). 

    No need to record cardio - my body makes a more permanent record.

    I'm moving on to WB workouts rather than stagnate.


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