1hr after weight training or within 30mins?

  • I do my weight training and cardio at 5AM. I get up at 4:45 and get dressed, drink two glasses of water and out the door I go. I lift and cardio on an empty stomach. Doesn't seem to bother me at all. My question is, do I eat in a hour ? or in 30 Min? (if its a shake). Im 6'4" 240lbs and my goal is to get rid of my belly and build muscle and get lean.

    The Myoplex shake mix package says to take within 30min of a workout. My friend tells me to wait for 1 hr and max fat burning before eating or drinking a shake. Is there a clear best way?

  • After cardio, it's better to wait an hour before eating if you have the time/are able.  After weight training, you should go ahead and eat.  Your body can use both protein and carbs to start the repair and build process for your muscles.

  • I second the position the DaveND has spoken.

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  • reason for waiting an hour for eating after cardio is your body will still try to find energy to keep revving...instead of feeding on a food source, it will go to the fat stores and have that for breakfast! That's what we want.

    After the weight workout, you need to feed the muscles a good quality protein to allow for growth.

    This challenge I've changed up my menu where I have a Myoplex Lite shake after my weight workouts then my oats and eggs for 2nd meal.

    Hope this helps! :)

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  • Thanks I was confused about this too!

  • Me too! Thanks for clearing it up, guys!

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  • Thanks for info guys