Calf exercises without equipment

  • I can't get to a gym but we have an olympic standard home gym.  That's great for most exercises but I'm having trouble with calves.

    Hubby suggested I lay the EZ bar over my knees while placing the balls of my feet on a chunky bit of wood which works great but.....

    I can lift waaaay more on my calves than I can safely lift up to my knees!  I'm not getting the burn and getting a seated and/or standing calf raise machine is out of the question as we don't have space for it (and it's unaffordable right now).

    First time I did BFL in 2000, I was raising 50kg (or it might even have been more) at the 6rep mark.  Using the EZ bar, I'm only getting 10kg because of the upper body involvement.

    Ideas please??????

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  • Have you tried the calf raises on stairs? Do you have dumbbells? I did one leg calf raises with different wts. You can also angle your toes in on the stairs and raise like that for a different burn on the calves.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh I also did dumbbell jumps; up on toes, jump as high as you can land on your toes...good burn as well! =)

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  • I workout at home too.  Here is what  I do for calves...and often times my rep count is pretty high to get to failure with them.

    - I let me heels hang over the edge of the stairs and do raises.  You can do this with with weights in your hand...a bar on your shoulder

    - I do seated calf raises with dumbbells resting on my knees

    - I put the olympic bar on my shoulders like I'm doing squats and do calf raises standing

    - I break each set into 3rds approximately.  Feet pointing out/pointing in/pointing straight ahead.  This works the calf from every angle.

    If I had an actual calf machine I could load a lot more weight, but without that...this is some of the variations I do.  Like I said, it takes me more reps than 10-12 to work them out, but I get it done.  I also would suggest slowing the reps down.  Even with light weight, it doesn't take long to get a burn when you slow it down in my experience....good luck and be creative with it.

  • Thanks for the tips - just wish I had stairs!  LOL

    I didn't check this thread before I did my LB this morning so I'll try some of the ideas this afternoon!  Won't hurt to work them out again today I'm sure :-)

    This morning I placed a short length of wood next to the cross trainer and used that to balance (I have inner ear problems - balance is not good).  Without weight, I just went until I started shaking and the burn was too much and did that a few times.  I alternated between feet wide and feet together.  Seems I can do more reps with feet together so those muscles must be stronger.

    Next time I might hold a 5kg weight across my chest to add the weight too.

    Thanks again - I really appreciate the input.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!