Week 6 Success! Power of the Journal!

  • Six weeks ago I began HIIT super careful so I could ease into cardio. Yesterday was FULL ON cardio ending week 6 with a huge personal goal met! Looking back thru my journals I find that my high point at starting is my warming up point now. wow I think my eyes popped out of my head seeing this. I just gradually kept adding a few increments at a time to get where I'm at and boy does it feel GOOD! I couldn't have done it without using the journal as a reference for each workout so I knew what I'd done and what I needed to add. So, in six weeks I was able to work up to my highest treadmill speed ever of 6 MPH!! YEA!

    I hope this gives the new BFL's some encouragement!  Set goals, Journal every workout, and know if lil old me can do it so can you! BFL ROCKS!



  • Kat,

    Way to go. Keep up the good work. Keeping a journal is important part. It is just as important as taking a picture and eating right. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you are faster than you every hoped you would be. Week 1 could barely run Week 6 i laugh thinking about how out of shape i was in week 1. I believe you can go up to 6.5 by the end of this week. I believe in you.

  • Congratulations!  Keeping a workout journal is key for me.  I have BFL journals and journals from other fitness programs that are years old.  My first week is more about finding my levels than achieving them.  Then I make notes like  "raise it next time"  so the next workout I can see that something was too easy.  If I didn't write it down I might be inclined to just grab the same weights or hit the same speed in cardio.  It really does spur you on.

    I'm 5'0" so 6MPH on a treadmill is nothing to sneeze at as far as I'm concerned.  What may be a walk to some is a full on sprint to me.  Congratulations on hitting it!  My level 10 is 5MPH right now but that will change...

  • Way to go BluesKat!!   Journaling is such a huge part of BFL!!  Congratulations on your progress!!

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  • Awesome job!!! Good for you!!

    Stacy Lynn