Women- Leg workout

  • Hey lady BFLers!  Would some of you mind posting your leg workout!  I would love to see what other women are doing for this.


  • Hi LDPower-

    Right now I have been using the machines for most of my leg work because it's hard to hold a heavy enough dumbell to feel anything.  I did however, do some lunges the other day with two 32.5 pound dumbells and felt awesomely sore the next day...but I digress.

    Here is my LB workout with the basic 5 set/1 set format:

    Quads-Leg Press/ leg Extension

    Hamstrings-Prone Ham Curl/Seated Ham Curls (or dumbell lunges)

    Calves-Standing Calf Raise machine/One legged weighted calf raises

    I'm just entering week 6 so it would be great for me to hear what others are doing too!

  • My LBWO is as follows:

    (All machines)

    Leg press 150 - 170 - 190 - 220 - 160

    Lying Leg Curl 25 - 37.5 - 50 - 62.5 - 31.25

    Calf Raise (on leg press machine) 150 - 170 - 190 - 220 - 160

    Glute Kickback Machine 25 - 37.5 - 50 - 62.5 - 31.25

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • I mix up my leg workouts week to week. This week:

    Double Dumbell Lunges (going forward and backward)

    Barbell Sumo Squat

    Glute Kickback Machine

    Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift

    Seated Dumbell Calf Raises

    Angled Calf Raises

    "Bicyle" for Abs

    Hanging "captain's chair" Abs

    I found another one I like for the 2nd Quad exercise: Swiss Ball Squats. Man do the quads burn on that set if you really focus on not coming up all the way and holding in the squatted position.

    Hope these add some creativity to your workouts.

  • Thanks ladies- this helps.  I was beginning to think I needed to add some inner and out thigh stuff but realizing my lunges are probably doing the trick.  

    I do this and then reverse the two for the next leg workout if that makes sense:

    I usually do 5 sets of squats with my last 12 being leg extentions.  

    5 sets of Hamstring machine with my last 12 being lunges.

    5 sets of Calf raises on leg press with my last 12 being standing calf raises.

    And then of course sit-ups


  • LD: Isn't this your final week?  How are you doing?????

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • LDPower - you could try a bit of stepping up for a huge change in the way your muscles lift. Grab a bench or kitchen chair. Carry some weights in each hand. (these you can increase as you lower your reps). Step up onto the bench with left leg, then step down with left leg. Do that for 12 reps, then repeat with right leg. Carry a heavier dumbbell and repeat for 10 reps. Lift heavy. You will be surprised at what you can carry.

    To include inner and outter a wee bit more, step onto the bench diagonally. :)

    You can also lunge diagonally to get those inner and outter muscles.

    I see the checkered flag for you lady! Kick it up! Almost there!!

  • Yup this is my last week and I am moving and groovin!  Doing great!  I did not enter or take photos but I will give my stats soon.  It is suppose to be that TOM in a few days so  I am thinking of waiting one more week to get my bodyfat taken.  Planning on doing that a week from Friday!  So most likely I will do an extra week before taking AR or would it matter?  Legs you have an opinion on that?

    Thanks for the idea- Legs, sounds challenging and no doubt will end my challenge perfectly sore! :) I will try that this Friday!  I can't believe I am almost done.  The first weeks seemed like forever but the last 4 have flown by!  Yippee!


  • LDPower: Sorry , no real opinion on the BF thing. I try to ignore BF measurements AND the scale now. (that took me 3 challenges mind you...) As long as you keep track with the same device and it goes down, or your strength goes up - you are making progress.

    I am disapointed you didnt take photos when you started!! Dang girlfriend!

    Enjoy that workout Friday - remember to lift heavy and go hard!

  • Legs- I am too kinda bummed that I didn't take pics.  I don't own a bikini so I just skipped it.  Oh well!  Maybe next challenge!

    BD Mom- thinking of starting a new one after Christmas like  you.  That sounds like a great time.  I love the focus this challenge has given me.  Since I am a runner, but can't run right now due to an injury- this has given me kinda the same focus as I had when training for the half.  Way better results too!  


  • Get yourself a bikini girl! You earned it!!

    Cha cha sizzzzzzllle!