I want a new Body for life success journal

  • I would like an update the bfl success journal. The success journal was released in 2002 and nothing has changed so the content doesn't need to change. I would like to see the size change dramatically. Here are the dimensions of the current journal 9.5 x 8.1 x 1.2 inches because of the size i was forced to use another journal 90-day journal here are the dimensions for that book 8.1 x 6.3 x 1.1 inches. This makes it ideal for me to take everywhere. I take to the gym, take it to work very portable. The only problem is i have to modify the workout portion of it so much. I would just like a simple bfl small journal. Eating plan on the left hand of the page and exercise on the right hand. Is anyone else with me? Perhaps if there is a demand for it they will make one.

  • Hi Figawu,

    I created my own success journal, printed off the pages and use them as card stock pages. I simply grab one each day and add it to my journal. I also designed my own day planner journal and had it spiral bound at Office Depot. I made my fitness pages exactly the way I want them with my supplements etc. Why not make your own the way you like it, too?

  • Confidence,

    I wonder if you are the rare exception or has everyone made there own journal. Two questions 1 How much did it cost you to make your own and 2 can you take a picture of it. I would like to see how it looks.

  • I printed the success journal pages off the web, modified them just like you are describing. I blew up the eating plan,put it on the left, blew up the exercise, put it on the right. Then I added a place to track water and supplements, popped into hole punch, placed in a binder and presto- custom journal! Next time I print them I am going to use different color paper for UBWO, LBWO, HIIT and Free day for easier reference.


  • Am wondering if anyone else feels like i do. Would anyone buy and bfl small journal that you can take with you kinda like the one i spoke about the 90-day journal for say $10 or do ppl just prefer to make there own?

    My vote is i would just like to walk into barnes and noble or go to amazon.com and order a premade bfl small journal then having to create one myself.

    So help me out. Is it just me?

  • Hi Figawu, I posted a digital pic of the pages onto my profile page. They aren't super visible but will give you some sense of what I did.

    I made them two sided, so each day has a meal plan and blank spots for any possible workout. I simply fill in what I am working on for that day. I like this format because it is so lightweight. I don't lug around a huge journal. I simply slide this 'card' under the clear protective cover of a binder so that I can see my meals at a glance throughout the day. I pull it out and change the card for a new one the following day, and file the completed card, after I make subsequent notes or comments on it, into a small blue binder...

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, I don't know the cost. I bought the card stock in bulk, 250 sheets, and simply ran them through my photocopier... I punched the holes with a 3 ring binder after I cut them withy my trimmer to 8.5 x 5.5.

    Hope this makes sense...Click on my name to see a pic of the page.

  • I was wondering about journals myself.  I am on the first few days here, and I'd actually prefer something digital for my phone.  but maybe i'll post that as a different post altogether. but if not, lots of good ideas here.

  • Yes, it WOULD be rather cool if BFL came out with a program for an iTouch ..hehehe an iBod...LOL!

  • Confidence,

     Great job making your own journal. Very functional. Where did you come up with the star rating? That star rating thing is a great idea. Thank you and yes this was helpful.

  • Would anyone like to see a new small bfl journal?

  • hehehe I just made a NEW one today for my last 6 weeks!!! I added some new pages and had it spiral bound at Office Depot. Can't wait to use it!! I even added some motivational pics to inspire me.

  • I like the journal the way it is- I think that taking out the goals and success stories would ruin it- the goals help keep my mind on track and I look forward to reading the stories every day to feel inspired.  I bought mine online for $15 and though clunky, it does the job quite well.

    Stacy Lynn

  • confidence,

    You have some good ideas. Motivational pics?? can you explain? A sunrise, a bfl champion?

  • I have printed my pages from the pdf file and put them in a three ring binder.  That binder also includes motivational sayings cut and pasted from fitness mags I get.  Along with the occasional inspirational email or quote I receive.  By challenge end, it's become a scrap book of sorts.

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