Weight Training in the Morning before Breakfast?

  • Worried about Training in the morning before breakfast. I have been doing cardio and weight training in the morning before breakfast and I have gotten quit lean from this. I have been at it all Summer now.

    I guess I am just worried about catabolism and loosing muscle tissue from the AM training? Any thoughts as sooo many programs and people say to eat before lifting weights?

    My main Goal is to Stay very Lean while adding a little muscle mass. My goal is about continuing to improve my body composistion.

  • I think if you do cardio and weights on alternating days, you don't have much to worry about.  If you can afford to eat 2-3 hours before cardio, go for it.  I always eat my BF around 5:30 a.m., and do cardio around 8-8:30.  I get light-headed very easily and have to have something to eat prior to doing any cardio.  I think eating something light or even 1/2 protein shake within 30 minutes of doing weights would benefit you as well.

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