trainer not impressed w/ bfl

  • about to start week 12 (tomorrow).  i've been going to a new gym in town since january.  had a free one hour session w/ the trainer that i needed to use before it expired, so i met w/ him today.  told him about bfl (he was vaguely familiar) and what my results had been so far.  he basically told me that i could have gotten the results i've gotten through my eating/diet alone and that he thought my workouts were "lame" (his words!).  so, of course, this has me rattled and doubting. 

    i haven't lost as much weight or as many sizes as i had hoped.  i have lost inches, and i'm thankful for that, but i wouldn't say my results have been overwhelming.  i guess because of those things i'm confused and unsure of what to do next. i'm taking ar and will start (some sort of workout program) again in a week...




  • Just remember, he has a service that he is trying to sell you on so take what he says and think carefully about it.  You say that you haven't had the results that you wanted,  have you followed the plan correctly, can you say that you ate clean and hit your 10's?  Were your free days out of control? Were the goals you set reasonable?   I think that there are many plans that work, but you only get out what you put in.  I called a personal trainer today to see if he could do my body fat prior to the next challenge and he also tried to talk me out of BFL saying they had much more effective ways of personalizing my workout.  I wonder how much that would cost?  Probably more than my BFL book.  Ultimately you have to decide and commit to whatever you do.  I think there are great personal trainers out there, but beware of ones who try to force you into doing things their way instead of working with your goals.

  • jaypbee,

    if you have been working out has hard as you think you possibly can and have not missed too many workouts, I promise you, you could not have gotten to the point you are at with just the dieting.  The body for life program is very simple the exercises are very simple and are not very functional that may be why your pt is a hater.  I suggest looking at his accredidations because most pts I know only have some like certification from a weekend workshop.  most of them also have been fit their whole life so they dont really know what youre going through.  I am not trying to disrespect pt because there are some really good ones out there but I personally am not impressed with the majority of them.  I would say re-evaluate your eating and keep mixing up your workouts and hitting 10's at the very least find out from your pt why he doesnt like the program.  Im in my second challenge because I knew it would take more than 1 to get the results I need so maybe you just need more time.  good luck and I hope you stick with it.  

  • I know a trainer and told him what I was doing (BFL). He said it was a good program and had seen some great results from it. He also said EAS was great stuff and it may be a little more in price but worth it because its good stuff. He is a good friend and was being honest with me.

  • I had a similar experience.

    I bought a three year pass w/ 24 hr fitness. (worked out to 16 dollars a month).

    With that purchase came three training sessions.

    Much to my surprise, my personal trainer never heard of BFL.

    I educated her, and also mentioned the mount of transformations BFL is responsible for in the last 11 years. She was impressed.

    My first session with her was UBWO.

    I gave her a copy of my last UBWO exercises sheet I downloaded and printed and use to keep track of exercises, weight amounts, and intensity levels, point of failure.

    Again, she could say nothing about the organization tools except that she was surprised to see such detailed records.

    I know Body-for-Life is the truth of weight training and nutrition.

    Be focused and in control is the key. WE are not questioning body-for-life with using a trainer.

    A trainer is very useful for showing us different exercises that can be used w/ Body-for-Life sets and reps.

    I want to sculpt certain area's of my body during this challenge.

    Particularly the upper/inner area of my chest.

    The other areas  being my back, and abs.

    So, for the UBWO session she showed several alternative exercises to change up the work out every other week. This prevents plateauing situation.

    Same thing on the following session for LBWO.

    A good trainer will respect your work out program and help you enhance it to reach your goals.

    Fact of the matter is, Body-for-Life is before their time, and they are only familiar with the current fads.

    No work out program has affected and change the lives of so many people, then Body-for-Life.

    I referred my trainer to the, and told her to get the book.

    The bottom line simply this, The Body-for-Life exercise and nutrition plans are the basic core elements in any decent and accurate program.

    Body for Life - is the one that is interested in the inner transformation of inspiration, success, and the positive affect we will have on others in this "life".

    Increasing the quality of living and active life style, and the endless benefits that result, including:

    - Good Health

    - Positive infectious mental can do attitude

    - A longer life of vitality, stamina, energy, endurance ...

    This is Body-for-Life.

    And, I am here for LIFE.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • TERRY~Thoughouly said!  

    JAYPBEE~BFL Peeps have no monetary gain.  DO this program BECAUSE you like it. DO you honestly think that the muscle you gained was due to what you ATE? Nope.  If that were the case people wouldn't be losing muscle mass as they get older and people all over would be gaining muscles!

    Take what the trainer said in the spirit in which is was given.  This was your "FREE HOUR" I am to assume every time you use his service after this it'll be on your dime?  Do you believe that he'd say "sure Bud, seems that program's working for you, no point paying me for something you can get for free." He only gets paid by the clients that he convinces  that they need him!

    At the end of the day, do what makes you happy... you live in your own head all day, not us.

    What do you think?

  • Like others said, personal training is a business and the trainers try to sell you on a lot of stuff.  I don't believe the whole line with just eating would have gotten you the results.  Changing your nutrition habits will of course help, but you need the balance of cardio, weight training and nutrition.  Do what you think is right.

  • About a decade ago I hired a trainer to design a program for me and teach me proper form.  My results were okay and matched the effort I put into it.   A few months later I picked up the BFL book and really committed to following it.  I got great results and even my trainer was impressed.  I was about 15# overweight when I started and lost the excess fat while adding a bit of muscle (not easy to do in a calorie deficit state).   I'm not saying you didn't give it your best effort--I'm merely telling you my experience.   A few years later I became certified as a trainer.  Some of my clients enjoy the BFL training method and some do not.  I'm always delighted when someone says they want to do a challenge because (this is being candid) they just made my job much easier.  If they read the book and follow the directions, they will absolutely see great progress.  The mental muscle that one must develop to succeed in any fitness program is outlined clearly in BFL.

    Certainly BFL is not the only effective training program and it isn't for everyone, but for those who want it and give it their best effort, I say GO FOR IT!

  • I take all this with a grain of salt (better yet I'll down it with a Myoplex Shake)

    Here's the key - ANY program and I repeat ANY program will work if YOU BELIEVE IN IT.  

    It's like Martial Arts....which one is the best?  Doesn't matter, pick one and get to working on it.

    This program is about the intensity levels and eating proportionally.  Only you know you're true intensity and what that means to you.  Whatever you put it, that's what you'll get out of it, accept it.

    As for me, I don't need a "trainer" to tell me what to do.  I was and still am inspired by those who walked the path before me.  Every person's twelve weeks will be different.  What I am finding out (Week 7) is that it's more than my body, it's my attitude and that's what's really shining forth.

    It's working for me because I believe in it and I am faithful to it.   It if doesn't work for you, then fine, keep searching until you find something that works for you, for in the end if you aren't happy (from within) then what is the point?

  • jay and all,

    I have been connected w/ the YMCA and all kinds of people linked to it, including and most importantly, my mom (who is the most fit person I know in the whole world, celebrities included) for almost my whole life, and everyone I have spoken to who has been in the exercise and fitness about this program says that it is a great program, esp. for people (like me) who tend to overeat and no proritize exercising. They (and I) have known many people who have joined the program and changed their life. These are people I've known and trusted and don't try to sell me anything, AND I BELIEVE THEM, not some trainer who is trying to sell me his/her time.

    Don't give up on the program. If you have to start a second challenge to get the exact results you want, then go for it.

    That's my two cents. Don't be discouraged.


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline"

    S. Randall, 2010

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • In my humble opinion I suggest you stick with BFL.  The trainer obviously didn't know enough about BFL to really give his best opinion.  You did indicate he was vaguely familiar.  Seems to me he was looking for a new client.  Any trainer who starts out with downing any fitness program without something to back that opinion would raise my eyebrows.  

    You certainly could have gotten results by just eating, however, you wouldn't build any muscle to help burn your body fat.  You need to work your body as well.  Most fad diets are pretty much just about what we eat, this is not a fad and it's certainly not a diet, it's a way of life.  

    Now, depending on where you started and where you need to be, you may need more than one challenge to get your best results.  Almost anyone needing to lose more than 20-25 lbs needs to do more than one challenge.

    The decision is yours but don't let a trainer side track you with opinions when they don't have all the facts.  With that said, I think most trainers are good for helping you learn proper form. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I showed one of the personal trainers i my gym my before and after pictures.  He's like, "no steroids????"  LOL.  I told him it was 100% clean, he basically said. "Amazing.  Can't wait to see in another 12 weeks."


    clearly, this particular trainer is worried about his profession or something along those lines.  You simply cannot get the results just by eating right.  Where does the shape come from?  How do you burn the fat?  How do you stay lean? Silly comments imo.

  • "WE" are BFL belivers (even if I'm simply trusting something I have yet to experience).  Like Im said no monetary gain.  What we do is the law of RECIPROCATION.  CHEER CHEER CHEER!  

    YOU will see that all the posts have the same message...THE CHOICE IS YOURS BUT WE BELEIVE IN BFL!  

  • BFL works.  I know, because I've lived it.  As have many others here.

    I don't want to disparage the trainer, since I don't know the person.  But, I have seen PTers who are all about BIG muscle gains and rabid 4% body fat goals.  Cool.  But BFL isn't going to turn me into the Incredible Hulk or shred me to 4% bf.  There are other VERY STRICT and VERY INTENSE programs (think "3 hrs per day workouts") to which they are probably accustomed.

    BFL is meant to be a reasonable program that ANYONE can do to achieve great fitness results.  If you plan on a career in pro bodybuilding, BFL probably isn't going to cut it for you.  If you're looking for a program that fits your busy schedule, allows you to see awesome results, gives you a sensible eating plan, and gives you a day to "release some steam", then BFL is the way to go.

    BTW, one of the trainers at the YMCA where I work out loves BFL for her clients for the reasons I just mentioned.  She recommends BFL for "repeat dieters" and "exercise newbies", especially, but also for anyone looking to tweak their routines.

  • When I joined the gym I presently go to in December of 2008, I was offered 6 sessions with one of the trainers.  I explained to the trainer that I was familiar with weights and had experience lifting because I had done BFL in the past.  The trainer starts me out at the lightest weight of every machine in the place.  After 4 visits, I told her that I was going to go back to Body-for-LIFE...she said "good luck with that".   As the months of 2009 went by my body completely changed and the trainers clients started asking her what I was doing.  When I found out that I was 2009 Champion for the 46+ Catagory this exact same trainer wanted to post my story on the bulletin board at the gym.  She now has the utmost respect for a program that she wasn't at all familiar with.  

    Trainers are paid.  Body-for-LIFE is free, you buy a book, you use the supplements (if you want to) and you come to this fee free web-site for support.   BFL is intmidating to a trainer that must charge a fee.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory