"Skinny" collar bone and shoulders

  • I'm having a problem with my shoulders and my collar bone is sticking out...quick info...I'm 5'6 and weigh 137.5 pounds, began program at 175...I like the weight I'm at and don't want to go any lower as for me I tend to look gaunt, now I'm lifting as heavy as I can but I know in the beginning I stayed with the same weights when i really should have been increasing.....I can't get to a gym so I workout at home and  have a bench and dumbells, just bought an EZ curl bar too and am pushing as much as I can..can only use 15# dumbells for my curls though...weak but trying..

    My collar bone is sticking out and I don't like it! I think it makes me look ill and my shoulders are skinny...anyone know what I can do to build them up? I've been searching on the web for info, quite a few articles about "bulking" which to be honest scares me to death...the thought of actually putting on weight then "cutting" is not something I can do I don't think, anything else I can do...just keep lifting heavier and see? Anyway to build muscle without gaining weight first?

    I am eating plenty, actually I started to add a bit more food and lost more weight, added more good fats too.

    Thank you for any help.

  • Actually...he he - I read in the October issue of Mens Muscle and Fitness that rope jumping (skipping) is an awesome way to build great delts. Start with a 5lb rope (or less) and do 3 sets of 20 - 30 sec with a minute of rest in between sets. As your conditioning improves, increase the weight and the number and duration of your sets.

    They say push ups are great too and I would imagine doing them on different heights would be best. So do some on floor, some at an angle on a low stool, higher yet on a bench etc to get all the angles.

    The pics I see in mags makes me think it involves alot of chest work too to enhance that area and help with your collerbone to not be so prominent. Just a thought tho. :)

  • Hi Legs...great info, thanks....will try all of these things, I am going to have to eat more and keep progressing on the weights, lift as much as I can.

    I am learning so much though, for a while I lost no weight but when I ate more and started using heavier weights the weight came off.

    Did some push ups last night, could only manage 6 in a row but it's going to be fun to see how I can progress...thanks again.

  • Snowdog - absolutely eat to feed the repair to your muscles and allow them to grow! Good that you can notice that and correct it.

    Push-ups with feet on a stool or bench are "fun" too! lol.

    MO had me doing burpees the other day. She does them with a full push-up at the floor before jumping up and clapping over her head. (freak...) and I just did them with straight arms. The next day I sure felt that in my shoulder area. You might find them "fun" too.

  • Snowdog- Shoulder shurgs might help too. I use to do them when I powerlifted. Take a pair of dumbells held down to your side, then shrug your shoulders trying to touch your ears. Also, do them in a circular motion, to the front, then back. This exercise will fill out your traps.  Incline Bench press, lowering high up on the chest, almost the lower neck.

  • Thanks Schank! funny you should mention shoulder shrugs as I was reading about them just yesterday and am going to try them, also the incline bench press.

  • Snowdog, this is John, I know I'm stepping in here, but I thought this might help not only you but all of us...I go to www.bodybuilding.com and when the home page comes up you will see to the right "Supersite" look down and click on "exercises". The next page will give you a picture of a man and woman with  the muscles groups...Just click on say "Traps" and this will bring you too all of the exercises that are best for the Traps...You can click on the title of the exercise next to the picture and It will give you a video of the exercise and it's benefits... I find this very helpful when I'm trying to find the right exercise for the right muscle group....You can also look at supplements to see what type of supplements you need to be taking to build that muscle...My suggestion is to make sure you are getting enough whey protein one hour before exercise as a post workout meal....I hope this helps...John

  • Superman63,

    Bobybuilding.com/exercises ......This is great info!! I have been looking for someting just like this .... thanks!! .... Rob

  • superman63...Thanks so much for the bodybuilding.com site...wow what a great place! fantastic.