workout drama!!

  • Arh nightmare. left for the gym at 7pm as it closes at 8pm on a friday and my car breaks down. so i have missed the gym. im supposed to be on upper body today and dont have any weights at home. i you tubed home upper body exercises but they are rubbish.

    so my question is this.................i have a stepper, ab king and cross trainer in the house so if i do a kinda circuit tonight then do my upper body and cardio tomorrow in the gym will this be ok. i feel awful cos i have been 100% dedicated and i haven't cheated on my food or missed a work out so now i feel crappy. please some advice and sympathy would be great........................

  • Chest  - push ups - put your toes on a stool or bench, or your stepper and dip down for them

    Shoulders - lateral raises holding your kitchen chairs - do to fatigue

    Back - superman hold

    Biceps - hammer curls with large heavy cans, bottles, javex jugs...

    Triceps - bench dips - stack Sears catalog and any other heavy stable objects on your lap to up weight.



  • You go Legs!!  Amen!!

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  • A lot of good information here,  I can see that legs has got it figured out....Back in the old day's we didn't have money to buy all the fancy equipment we have available today....I'm fortunate I have a lot now in my apartment living room, but back then there where a lot of building going on and we would save cans of different sizes and get the concrete guy's to fill them for us with the excess concrete with a pipe stuck in it and this is how we made our weights.....This was real home made success...No I'm not saying make your on weights I.m saying...You can use anything to give you added weight to exercise with....Good Luck.....John

  • Them Rubber bands can give you one heck of a good workout as well, always good to have a set around just in case. ;)

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