weight training

  • just wondering what i should do...I start at a moderate weight, but by the 4th set the weight is too heavy to even complete the 6th rep!   Any advice?

  • Jeannette-You can either start lower or repeat a wt. for a set for instance you could do 12 reps at 5# and then 10 reps at 5# then go up from there until you get strong enough to increase the wts.

    You can also get a set of 1# or 2# wrist wts. I've done this instead of going from 15-20#, gives me 17# when I use the 2 lbs...

    Hope this helps! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Jeannette,

    How many reps do you get on the 4th set? If it is three or maybe four I would say you are lifting too much and need to adjust the weights for your whole set. By that I mean start lighter, your first set, remember, is a warm up. If you are getting 5 I would say you are lifting the right amount. You want to push your against your limits constantly. Once I start pushing 6 reps I up the weight. I don't want my muscles to get comfortable. Having said that how are your 5th and 6th sets? Are you hitting your 10s? I am not diminishing the importance of the other sets but it is crucial to hit your 9s and 10s during the 5th and 6th set. Does this make sense?


  • Thank you!

  • ...and to build on Orrin's comments, the key is to work the muscle to fatigue.  If you are able to get 6 reps on the fourth set, you are doing good.  If you have someone to spot you (help you by lightly assisting your motion) for the rest of the fourth set - all the better.  For sets 5 and 6, drop down to a lighter weight and work each set to fatigue.  By the last set I am usually at same weight as 2 or 3 and wimpering like a little baby.