Working with free weights for 1st time, have questions.

  • As a first timer working with weights  I was taking the weight of each dumb  and thinking it was the weight I was lifting.  Today it accurred to my that when I use them for the lower body it should be the weight of both I should be writing down.  Is this correct?  When I am doing a curl with 20# in each hand  do I write 20# or 40#?  I feel so silly not knowing.  I finished week one with one set of 40# wieghts and purchased a second set so I could hit the 10s.  Each set has 4-2.5# and 4-7.5# weights plus a 5# bar.

    My first week workouts were the same weight for upper and lower body so I think I must not understand something.  I think I hit my first 10 today but after reading some of the  comments maybe it was only a 9.  Still it felt good to know I was doing more than I thought I could.

    If what we Believe does not reflect Truth, than what we Feel does not reflect Reality  Neil T. Anderson

  • Hi, I don't think it really matters as long as you are recording it and know whether you are referring to dumb bells or bars bells then you'll be ok..


  • Hey My fresh start,

    When I record the weight of the dumbbells in my little notebook, I always assume it's a set of dumbbells. If I'm only using one weight, like for a pliƩ squats or a triceps extension, I will put the number in parentheses, e.g.,

    reps 12, weight (20).

    This way at a glance I know it will be just one weight I'm using.

  • It's all up to you.  If I am using DBs for separate movements such as curls then I count them separately(35Lbs each hand for example).  If I am using them for one movement such as shrugs, calf raises, etc, I count them as one.

  • Thank you all.  This is day 11 and I am enjoying the challenge.  Never having  work out with weights in my 51 years left me intimidated at first. The first week I just tried to lift the weights with the right form this week I am trying to focus on my breathing.  I find that I look forward to the work outs.  The cardio is a little confusing yet but I'm on a treadmill that takes your heart rate and I keep adjusting the incline to get to different levels.  I almost made a 20 min. mile today last time it was 23 mins.  I can already feel a difference in my cloths. Wow this is exciting!!!

    If what we Believe does not reflect Truth, than what we Feel does not reflect Reality  Neil T. Anderson

  • Glad to hear you are working on your form before you start playing with weight.  Form is the most important thing to get down so you are getting the proper stretches and contractions.  At first it feels awkward, but once you have it right it becomes habit(standard).