Exercise mods for ACL/MCL knee injuries???

  • Hi all -

    I am starting the challenge tomorrow.  I have a very sedentary job and a left leg that needs strengthening.   I fired up the eliptical for a few minutes today to see if the display worked and my left knee felt so unstable it almost hyperextended.  

    I have a torn ACL from three years ago that I decided was not bad enough to pay for surgery.  On St. Patrick's Day this year, I sprained my MCL pretty bad on the same knee.  

    Does anybody have suggestions for exercises that can rehab my knee but also not cause a lot of strain and stability issues at first?

    Are there any exercises I should avoid until my knee gets stronger?


    Thanks for your help everyone.  Good luck!


  • Avoid leg extensions like the plague. They are rough on even healthy knees. Do you at least wear a brace? I have torn my ACL twice so I agree it is not fun. Do you ice your knee at all after exercise?

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  • I have a ill fitting brace that I don't wear because the bars on the sides cut into my leg above the knee.  I ice and elevate if I have pain or swelling,  

    Thanks for the tip!