waiting a minute between reps...

  • My mornings are usually rushed no matter what I try to do. When I lift weights, instead of waiting a minute, I wait 30 seconds and then move forward. Is this hurting my progress??

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi Stacy, I find if I dont take the full 1 minute to rest it affects my ability to lift heavier weights. It also affects maintaining my form. All of which will cut down on the muscle that is being built. I think saving that etxra 8-10 minutes in mornings will come at a high cost in the muscle building dept. I get extra time to do my workouts by not taking a lunch break at work, I eat at desk from my gigantic cooler I take with me each day. I find other places to save time and give my workouts priority.

  • Hi Stacy,

    I find that if I am lifting enough weight to be hitting my 10's in the last set of 6 and in the 12 after that I generally need the minute to catch my breath and let the bloodflow renergize the muscles that are in use. If I feel I don't need the full minute for recovery in the 10,8 and 6 rep sets I will add some more weight to get me up to that point. I feel it should be a "WORK" out and the first 12 are just the starter set.

    I don't think the actual second count is that important as the feeling you are maxing out during the sets. If you are maxing you will relish the minute here and there as a welcome "rest". I agree don't let "time saving" slip into your workout thinking.

    I actually work out with dumbells and that adds time because you have to do many exercises twice one set for each side of the body like One Arm Rowing. or lunges where you do a set for each leg.

    Stay strong and keep working, you already have a major part of the battle won as you are actualluy working out.

  • When I am doing some of my sets, such as bi and tri, I combine the exercises.  On my rest period for bis I do the tri exercise.  I do off set them so the supersets don't get in the way.  I do the same with my quads and calves.  It does shorten it pretty good, and I am always stretched for time

  • I have done just as Big John has stated. Other times I will look around and clean up any weights left around on the floor.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Well when I take that minute rest, I usualloy stand up, look in the mirror and say to myself... "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING.. OUCH!" lol J/K

    Actually I stretch the muscle I just worked on during that time.

  • LOL- Chipster made me laugh out loud.

    Big John- I think that is a great idea!! I will definatley do that for my next workout, I had never thought about that before! Thank you!

    Stacy Lynn

  • I cant post my own topic can anyone tell me how to do that ?

  • Brian- pick a forum (the kitchen, the gym, crossing into the abyss...) then at the middle - bottom of the page click "new post"

    Good luck!

    Stacy Lynn