1 minute between weights... what do you do?

  • I have a watch with a countdown timer,  I have set that up for 55 seconds. I also have my workout journal with me. After i am done with the exercise i hit the countdown and look at my journal to see if i have to adjust anything. I also put a check mark next to the number of reps i completed. I use to always ask myself "am i on 10 or 8" . Timer beeps get up grab the next set of weights do it all over again. I sweat everytime i go to the gym even on weight training days. Since i am just moving all the time

  • Yes,in the past, flylady got me through alot when my boys were younger and my sanity was challenged! The* we can do anything for 15 min* still sticks with me!


  • I usually just stare at myself in the mirror and flex...well, not really.  I just look over my routine and fill it out and get psyched for the next set!

     I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds."  -Henry Rollins-

  • I count to 60 while I watch TV lol.  Also, I change the weight on the machine.  I do a lot of machine workouts because I go to a tiny gym and the big dudes usually take up the freeweight area.

  • I will often if I'm in a hurry go back and forth between two body parts, say calves and abs for example.  Then I'm resting that particular body part but not resting completely.  It also takes me time to set up weights.  

  • Wow. I loved hearing what everyone does! Thanks for sharing!

    I make notes in my journal, make sure the next weights are ready, sometimes do a few stretches and in the 2 min time frame, sometimes, wander and study other machines or ways to do exercises. I am always learning by watching the trainers and their students, too. :-)

  • I work out at home so I play with my eight month old between sets. Keeps us both happy. When i first did this program I was not yet a mommy  and I worked out in a gym. Then I would use that minute to visualize mysellf healthy, in shape and happy.