1 minute between weights... what do you do?

  • Hi friends!


    What do you do in that spare, free minute? I typically do stretches or some squats etc.


    Today, someone remarked to me, as I sat on the massage bed and flexed my legs, "Oh... you're taking a break?" I told her I have to wait a minute between sets... Just wondered if there is a better use of this time.


    I am getting STRONGER and can just feel the improvements happening! woohoo!

  • I usually just stay in the zone listening to my iPod while I wait.  Sometimes if asked I'll let someone cut in on cables (triceps for instance).  It usually takes them less than 1 minute to do what they need before I need to get back on myself.  Most folks at my gym who lift weights do the same thing.  Not to many stretching or whatever during their minute wait.

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  • I set up the next set, prepare myself mentally for 45 seconds and i'm good to go.  Every few sets i'll take a water break during the minute/2 minute rest period.

  • I watch the other people and how they do things and in my mind I critique them and sometimes laugh at how they are trying more to impress than to workout

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  • I use alot of free weights so I am pretty much on the same page as Sharon and Canuck. I put back my weights that I just completed and then get the next set of weights setup and then spend the next 30-40 seconds focusing on hitting the next set as hard as possible. Usually just kind of zoning out starring at the floor rocking the ipod and getting my self as pumped as I can. This also helps so people dont jump on the bench or floor space and I am using so I don't miss my 1 minute window having to setup somewhere else.  I do like Ray's answer and I usually use the 2 minutes between exercises seeing what others are doing and if there are any new exercises I want to try and getting a drink of water.

  • I do my workouts in my den so between sets I adjust my Selectech dumbells for the next lift, write in my workout charts the reps completed and effort levels as well as notes on form (or lack of same) and if I have any time left I observe the inhabitants of my reef aquarium. The fish are always begging and I get some time to inspect each coral for growth or problems.

  • You need to rest during that minute to be up and ready for the next set. It is not a waisted minute. In the gym I work out at it is roughly a one minute walk from one end and back so thats what I do to stay warm. Have a great night.

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  • Sharon-Wonder Woman, I like your little barbell guy!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks Fit4Life. :-)

    I thought of another thing I see a couple of guys do at the gym.  I haven't read all the responses so I hope this isn't a repeat, but what they do is take their time and walk to the water fountain and drink water and then back to the equipment they are working on.  They don't carry a water bottle with them so that's how they spend the 1 minute.  I don't think they do this for EVERY 1 minute break but it's one thing they do.  Hope this helps.

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  • C-

    I use the minute to plan for the next workout of the same one I'm doing(.It's the best time for me to determine if I need to increase weight). Also, I choose what I'll be doing next session and  can rotate through  the different exercises and never keep doing the same ones over and over. I also have my laptop set up so I can view the exercise animations and try to keep proper form, learn to inhale/exhale at the right times and just stay focused. This ensures I have a plan set up and don't have to make time seperately for planning such.

    Sounds very professional and well planned, huh...until....

    Sometimes, on busy days, I do admit I have folded laundry, made beds, swish/swipe toilets, reviewed homework....whatever needs done!

    Can't wait to hear what other do! K


  • OK so I write down what I just did then adjust the weight for my next set.  I usually have about 45 seconds left and I will either stretch, jump around, clear my head and sit and meditate, envisioning my body getting stonger or stare at my Arnold poster! lol


  • I have a bunch of documents like the Ladies Success Doc, the Hussman Fitness site stuff, and old GB posts printed out and I read a paragraph or two (depending on how long paragraph is...) and that motivates me to keep going!

    I love all the ideas to to this thread! :0)

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  • KAT,

    Are you a Flylady fan by any chance? The tip off was your swish/swipe toilets comment...I loooove Flylady! We swish & swipe around here too, even my kids know what that means! :D

  • I work out at home, so I can restpect the 1 minute exactely. There is a huge difference in never taking more rest then 60 seconds: the whole workout intensity changes. After lifting in a very focused way and with the right amount of weight for every set, I couldn't do anything better then rest during the 1 min pause. Because I NEED that rest. Really need, specially from the 8 reps set onwards. The pause is an important detail of the workout. If you work hard, you better rest for 1 min. (We should work hard.)

  • Roswitha! I don't think I've seen you on here!! thanks for the reminder about working hard, staying focused and resting...

    Christina-the Flylady is on my FB...maybe I need to check her out since I'm on spring break and there is a LOT of cleaning that needs to be done around here!! :0)

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