last 4 weeks and need HELP bulking up!!! Scott-Houston

  • I am starting my last 4 weeks today 3/29/10.  After taking my 8 week photos I saw that I am alot smaller than I would like to be.  These are my stats so far.  Most all my fat is and has always been in my belly or chest.  The rest of my body has always been small.  I have started getting muscle diffenition in my arms and legs, but just wanting to get a little bigger.    Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.  Thanks, Scott

    6' tall weighing 161.2.  (17lbs lost)

    Body fat % from 22% to 16.7%


    Chest 39.5--38.5

    Biceps 10.5--10.5

    Forearm 10.5--10

    Waist 35.5--33

    Hip 38.5--37.5

    Upper Thigh 22--20.25

    Calf 14.4--14.5



  • Scott I'm hoping some of the guys will chime in on this one.  In my humble opinion you are going to have to eat more good clean food in order to gain mass.  Whether that can be done here at that last four weeks, I just don't know that answer.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Hey Scott.

    I have always had friends who wanted to get bigger who asked me this.  I was graciously born with the right genes for weight lifting.  I can do an intense upperbody workout and notice it in my arms the next day.  Makes a lot of my friends sick. 

    As far as getting bigger, there are a few tricks.  BFL is more about leaning out, but there are some tweaks you can make to help you gain mass.  The easiest way to do it is adding more high quality protein.  Problem is, that protein is the expensive protein.  I am talking meat.  Beef is the best at packing on mass, but you have to be careful.  It needs to be lean beef.  And even the lean stuff can still have alot of fat. All of the protein in the BFL such as CC and fish are good for building lean muscle, but not as good at packing on mass. 

    I also need to k now a few things.  What kinds of lifts are you doing?  How much weight? What does your daily typical diet consist of?Are you taking any supplements? Are you taking a multivitamin? Water intake?  What kind of strenght increase have you had so far on this program?

    Let me know this stuff and I will see what I can think of.

  • Thanks John for your far as weights go I am doing mostly free weights.  for biceps i started out with seated DB curls 15 (12), 17.5 (10), 20 (8), 27.5 (6), 20 (12)...Hammer curls 20 lbs and could only do 6.  My last UBWO I did BB curls and did 40lbs (12), 50 lbs (10),  60 lbs (8) and 65 (6), 50lbs (12)...preacher curls at machine 50lbs (12).  

    My diet is usually the same.  1st meal is 1/2 cup oatmeal and 2 scoops protein powder.  2nd meal is can of tuna with a tomatoe and an apple.  3rd meal is leftover chicken *** with  WW bread, mustard, lettuce, tomatoe and steamed broccoli.  4th meal is a protein shake.  5th meal is chicken ***, steamed broccoli and brown rice.  6th meal is CC with tomatoe and a pear.  

    Supplements i am taking is fish oil pills and Kre-alkalyn.  no multivitiam.  

    water is all day.  i drink way more than needed.

    thanks for any help,


  • Ok first off I would suggest taking a multivitamin.  With the diet we are eating I know we get some veggies and stuff, but we still need the extra in the vit. I would suggest going to GNC if you have one and getting a megamen sport vit.  I only take half a dose, which is one pill daily.  Works pretty good.  Also Iwould try adding beef in for some chicken everyonce in a while.  But be careful, most cuts of beef have to much fat, so stick with the lean steak.  Also in one shake a day try adding some ground flax seed.  Also try adding in some salmon instead of tuna once in a while.  It actually has more fat in it.  But since you aren't really going for weight loss like the rest of us, shouldn't matter to much, just don't eat it everyday. Also try adding in some eggs to your diet. Mostly egg whites, but yolks would be ok for you, just be carefull of the cholestrol. On your protein servings, just remember to increase the size just a little.  you need to protein to grow more muscle.

    Sorry about the water, I knew you drank a lot and as soon as i sent it I laughed at myself.

    There are also a couple of supplements some of my friends have taken that have worked pretty good.  There is a preworkout powder you should try.  It is called noexplode. I have a brother-in-law that took it for a while and you could really notice a difference. I am not to familiar with the Kre-alkalyn, but I assume it is a creatine supp.  Just don't know to much about it.  Creatine works for some people, but I never really noticed a difference personally.  I actually got intorduced to creatine in HS, but I never noticed a difference there either.

    As far as weight, it looks like you are doind what you can as far as weight.  For getting big, the heavier the better.  For bulk you have to build strength before the mass will pack on. Also, you only told me about you bicep lifts, so I assume you are most worried about your arms.  Again, take this with a grain of salt, but BFL isn't really for getting bigger. The best way by still following the program as close as you can, try to remember to do exercises that are  multi joint.  Hard to do that with curls, but the other exercises you do can work the bi's as well.  What are your other exercises? Chest?  Shoulders?  Back?

    Preacher curls are great, so you might try to use those as your primary lift.  If you are working out at a gym, try hercules curls.  This  is on the cables.Pulleys all the way to the top and single handles on each side, grab the cables, one in each hand.  Arms should be almost fully extended.  Pull cables so that you are taking your hands to your head, being sure to keep your elbows all the way to your side. These work the balls of yous bi really well.  The seated curls on a slight incline, (laying back a bit) really do a great job of stretching the entire muscle.Triceps are also really important in the diameter of your arm.  I have personally been doing overhead tricep press with kickbacks for the super set. That superset realls seems to pull the tri closest to you underarm. Lawns mower pulls are great for the back, and also work the arm pretty good.

    Well I hope that will help out some.  I wouldn't expect to see to much of a bulk change in just 4 weeks, but keep at it, it will come. If you have any lifting questions let me know.

  • Here is my advice, if you are still needing it.

    1. You cannot bulk up in 4 weeks.

    2. BFL is a cutting program. To bulk up you need to be eating in a caloric surplus for your body to grow.

    3. Fat is not bad for you. BFL is a very low fat plan, which is fine, I guess. But adding in some fat from nuts, oils, nat pb, whole eggs, steak etc is fine and great for hormonal balance and growth.

    4. If you want to add some mass, throw out your isolation exercises, like curls. You need to be hitting squats, deadlifts, rows, bench press, shoulder press. Hit em heavy and hard. In the 4-6 rep range. If you can do 6 reps, the weight is too heavy.

    5. Don't be concerned with cholesterol, if you don't get enough from food, your body makes more of it. If you get enough from food, your body makes less. High cholesterol is not a disease.

    Personally I say use BFL to cut down to 5-6%, then go on a bulk and keep your limit at 10%. Once you have added some muscle mass, then you can cut again to desired bf levels.

  • Thanks Charlie and BigJohn ...  

    I think What I am going to do is finish out C1 the way I have been doing it and then on C2 concentrate on your suggestions.  Thanks you both again for taking the time to read my thread and giving advice.