Dumbell Problem!

  • Hi everyone,

    I am starting my program today. A few days ago I did a trial run of the program. When doing the strength training portion - I face a dilemma!

    Especially for upperbody (I'm sure it'll happen for lower soon enough too). According the exertion levels, I started to do my workout as follows:


    12 reps - 5 lb ( a little too light, but if I am increase on the following sets I have to start at 5 - not even sure if this is worth it).

    10 reps - 8 lb

    8 reps - 10 lb

    6 reps - ** - The one up from 10 is 15 lb, cannot complete 15 - what do I do?

    12 reps - 5 lb

    12 reps - 5 lb


    I am going to workout at home - so what do I do? I have 5, 8, 10, 15 lb dumbells. I'll buy 20, 25. I don't want to have to spend on buying a weight every 2 lb up.

    I also have a barbell and so far it's just the bar and 5, 10 plates.

    What would you recommend for the 6 reps? I'm concerned that as I progress, I'll have to keep buying weights every few weeks. I don't mind buying the major ones, but it gets expensive & I don't want to built a collection really other than what is necessary.

    Advise me BFLers. Thanks!




  • You can purchase 2# wright weights to get you through those in betweeners. I believe they might sell 5# wright weights as well. You can purchse them at Walmart or Target for fairly inexpensive. Otherwise, your local sporting goods store should have them.

    As for feeling like the first set is a waist...it is not. It serves as a primer for the muslces. It helps wake them up and helps you to focus on your form. Be sure you make a conscious effort to focus on engaging the muscle that you are working.

    Great questions! You'll be surprised at how quickly your weights will increase. :0)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)