Upper Body Alternatives

  • Hello everyone, 

    Hope all is well. This weekend I will be going out of town for work, the problem is I have no personal weights and wont have access to a gym. Friday will be my upper body day, are there any workouts I can do to work chest, back, biceps, triceps without weights? And how would I go about doing them with the reps? Thanks. 

  • This may not be the best answer, but what I have done in the past is double up.  Do cardio HIIT Thursday morning, and then in the afternoon or evening do your UBWO.  You won't have "spent" any upper body muscles while running in the morning, so they will be good to go.

    Another option, use body weight exercises.  Go to exrx.net and find exercises without weights, like push ups, tricep dips.  I don't know if you can develop an entire UBWO with body weight exercises.  Can you bring a band, and attach to a door?  Just have your workout planned in advance so you are prepared.  

    Hope this helps some.



  • You can do a whole lot with an inexpensive set of bands.  I did that once last summer while on vacation.  Off the top of my head there are a lot of different ways to do push ups by varying the width of you hand placement for your chest.  For your triceps one I like for bodyweight is laying on your side with the arm that is on the ground tricep flat on ground for stability and grabbing your shoulder.  With the other push straight down liftin you upper body up but keeping your hip on the ground.  


  • Don't forget that alot of gyms offer day passes. When we went on vacation to Lake Erie a month ago, my wife and I just bought a 1wk membership at the local why that totaled $35 for us both.  Turned out to be a great experience, and we had the opportunity to see a new gym and meet some new people. =)  Good luck with your workout, and hope your trip is enjoyable.

  • Lol the local YMCA....  sorry bout that.