Yet another weights question

  • I'm thinking about starting BFL soon.  I've never lifted weights at all.  How much should I start with?  My community gym does not have dumbbells so I'll have to buy them and I want to know what to get.  TiA!

  • i'm a 26 y/o f. i bought a set that came w/ 3-8lbs and i got 10, 12, 15, 20 lb in the beginning i only used up to 15 but as i got stronger i used the 20. i think my hubby also has some larger but i'm pretty sure i've never used anything bigger than 25. i mostly use the 20 for the backrows. just get lower weights to start then go from there. the first workout is just seeing where you are anyway.

  • I agree with ambri7, It does not take a lot of weight to do the job. You need to start of with the weight that you can complete the prescribed workout listed in the exercise section....then as you get stronger you can up the weight. I know that us guy's feel like we have to lift as much weight as possible, but not so for you women. Women don't  need to show off in the GYM like the guy's do. Just keep it light until you feel you can increase the weight. John