Starting my 1st challenge on Sunday 7/11/10.....anyone else?

  • I remember watching the inspirational video BFL gave out in the 1990's.  Yes, I have been waiting that long to start a challenge.  This was originally going to be how I lost the baby weight I gained with my now almost 11-year old son.  Sad, huh? 

    Anyway, I have yet to finish a single plan I have started, so I am hoping that holding myself accountable in a public forum just may do the trick.  That being said, anyone out there who is starting, or thinking about starting this week, please join me.  I could really use the inspiration and motivation!

  • Day before start day. I have printed my meal plan and grocery list and am getting ready to go shopping now. Can't wait to start! I'm making the Texas Chili tonight so it will be ready for lunch tomorrow and will prepare a BFL dinner tonight to start off right. :) Wish I could get as motivated with the exercises.

  • Welcome to the forum and congrats on accepting the challenge and making the decision to change. You can do this! You are starting out right - Plan, Plan, Plan. It is the key to success. Do you have the success journal or have you downloaded the exercise forms and eating forms from this site? (click on 'library' and 'tools') they will help tremendously. It is also a good idea to take measurements and pics before you start. I didn't for my first challenge and I wish I had. Keep checking in on the forum. There are many great people here and lots of support, advice and encouragment.

    Best of luck tomorrow. Stick to it and you will be successful.


  • I'm starting this week too!  I just had my first child four months ago and was on bedrest for 3 months.  So I not only gained 75 lbs, my muscles just deteriorated from lack of use.  So I am SO ready to make a transformation and get my body back in shape.  I need someone to keep me accountable as well since I absolutely LOVE all the food that's bad for me :)  Luckily the Myoplex shakes are REALLLY good!  Can't wait to start this challenge with a buddy!

  • Okay ladies .. I'm starting tomorrow ... 7/12 .. I'm a mom of 3 ..  my kids are 4 1/2, 3, and 7 months .. needless to say, finding the time to do this is going to prove true to the word CHALLENGE!!  

    SO .. I did this program before I got pregnant w/ #3 and I was FIT!!  I felt SO great and can't WAIT to be back!!!  I went from a size 16 to a size 8-10 ...

    I'm still nursing #3, so the eating part is going to be more liberal than "normal" .. I'm not going to compromise milk supply to get skinny .. I can wait ... I think ... :)  HOWEVER, I will be eating a lot of GOOD foods .. CLEAN foods ... not burgers and fries (except on Sunday!)  

    My name is Becky ... let's DO THIS THING!!  

    Current weight:  about 200 lbs

    Goal weight:  175 (for first challenge) 155 is my ultimate goal

  • Yeah Becky!  Now we've got 3!  Wow three kids under 5!  More power to you girl! I'm worried about finding the time with just the ONE that I have. haha!  My current weight is 190 and my ultmate goal is 145.    First challenge goal:  20 lbs of FAT!  Let's rock this!

  • Well I guess I can say ill start today too.    I've been doing this for about a year now, and still haven't done the whole thing right.   I was a little over a month in on my first challenge and it was working good, very good at that.  I know exactly what I've been doing wrong too, that's the sadder part. -ha.   But even today on my free day, I am going to keep it serious. (:  

  • I am 51 years old and have had five children, my youngest being 20.  I have high expectations of being in the best shape of my life and won't stop until I am.   I have no doubt that I can do this and so can you.

    I also started today.  I am looking forward to completing the challenge this time.  Tried before but didn't get completely through it although never stopped eating right and working out just not always consistent because of different setbacks.  I have made a lot of progress but due to my inconsistencies still am not close to where I want to be.  I am staying totally committed to finishing the entire 12 weeks this time and looking better than ever.

    Good luck to Previvor2008 and the rest of you.   Looking forward to motivating and being motivated by all the fellow BFL'ers.  We CAN do this one day at a time!!!


  • Congrats to all of you that are starting this week!  You can do it!  I just finished my first week (on my free day today, and enjoying it very much!), and I've lost 2 pounds so far (not bad, considering I've been eating 6 meals a day!) and I'm finding the workouts really challenging and enjoyable (and reasonably short!).

    Stick to the plan, take it one day at a time, and I'm sure taht all of us will do great!

    Good luck to all!!!!

  • Hi! I am starting tomorrow July 12th. I actually did finish a challenge 10 years ago and did very well. since then I have gone through early menopause and completely stopped exercising other than yoga, so it will be eye-opening to see how out of shape I have gotten in the last 6 or seven years of not exercising. my husband is a work-out maniac and he looks awesome. I resent him and admire him at the same time. he puts his health needs tops on his priorities list, mine are at the bottom of my list, and this has to change .good luck with your challenge, I know this time you can do it. just think of how awesome we will look and feel in 12 weeks!


  • I'm starting July 12th. I spent last week practicing getting up early and doing exercises, just to test the waters. I'm ready to dive in head first tomorrow. I just bought all the food I need for this week and plan on spending tonight preparing it all for this upcoming week. This is my first time doing something like this as I have always been naturally skinny until recently after I graduated college and started working my first full-time job I have been gaining weight. I want to use this challenge to help me ward off this change as well as help me mentally as I have found it hard to  cope with the stresses of the real-world it seems. I want to wish everyone luck, and I look forward to hearing about every one's journey as it is always nice to know that you are not alone.


  • Count me in! I have 4 kids - 19, 18, 16, and 2 - guess who the surprise husband and i did BFL 10 years ago and it was an amazing transformation of our bodies and energy. Life has gotten in the way since then so here we go again. Starting tomorrow and excited for a goal and a challenge. How cool that there is such a presence on the Internet now!



  • I am starting 7/12/2010! I am super excited and ready to be fit! I decided Iam done being unhealthy. Can't wait to get my body for life!

  • Hi! I'm starting today (12th) as well....really excited about it but looking for all the help I can get.

    I'm 37 and I have 2 kids 13 and 9...its going to be tricky but I'm sure I can do it!


  • Okay WOW!!  There’s lots of us!!  SO FUN!!  

    Friends .. WORKOUT #1 IS HISTORY!!!  BOOYA!!! WOOO HOO!!!  

    … I’m doing cardio on MWF and weights on TThSa .. my hubby is doing the opposite .. we have a treadmill at home, so we trade off  (EARLY) mornings going to the gym so someone stays with the kiddos.  We’re both about 30 lbs overweight, so this will be a good thing to do together!!  I just had my breakfast .. eggwhite omelet with spinach and a tiny bit of parmesan cheese on top .. 2 slices turkey bacon, about 6 rasberries and a cup of coffee w/ Stevia … I rule.  ☺  I bought a gallon of water and have it on my counter so I can get that baby down today .. I’ll refill it when it empties and just have it out so I know how much I’ve had .. once again .. I rule.  ☺  (Will you guys please remind me of this when I start slackin’?  I need my momentum to stay up!!!)  

    I did personal stuff .. I won’t always be this thorough .. I just have some time this a.m. (weird!) and it’s kinda therapy for me .. motivation’n stuff.

    FostersMom – you and I have similar goals .. I was 145 in high school .. I’m SOOO gonna get there again sometime .. ☺  Yeah girl .. let’s ROCK THIS!!  

    Esteam – girl .. I’m SOO encouraged by your determination!!  I’ll have ya know that I actually started in May .. but fell off the wagon when our family went to the beach and gramma brought every goodie known to man … I ate brownies like a crazy person!!  SO . here we are .. back on the wagon .. for 12 WEEKS!!  Not that far away .. it’s gonna go by fast!  

    Countrygirl – My sister is 49 .. I sooo wish she had your good attitude .. I think she feels “done” .. like life’s over for her (because her youngest just graduated from high school .. she’s “empty nestin’”)  I’m sure she’ll come around .. but I’m gonna mention you to her!!  Maybe she’ll join us!!  

    Iamsteve – CONGRATS on your first week!!!  TWO LBS IN A WEEK IS FREAKING PERFECT!!!  I can’t wait ‘til I get my first 2 lbs!!!  Thanks for the encouragement .. SOOO necessary!!!  

    Killarney (Kelly)– I bet you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your muscles remember what you can do .. I can’t wait to hear!!  My hubby and I are doing this challenge together .. so we can grumble about our men together .. as I watch the pounds melt off of his “male” body while I struggle to see the blubber go away .. I am gonna TRY and switch it around to encouragement, but who am I kidding???  ☺  I’m glad we’re in this together!!!  GOOO US!!  

    Quantumjus (Justine) – you ROCK.  Seriously.  Practice week??  I’m impressed!!  You are definitely NOT alone in this thing .. I’m soo thankful for this forum .. what an awesome thing!!  Good luck to you!!  It sounds like your off to an AWESOME start .. maybe you can give me some tips on menu .. what kinds of things did you prepare?  My hubby did  that last night .. I have a hard time finding the energy to be so organized!!  

    Cimercado (Carol) – LOOOOVE that you have a 2 year old!!  I’m the youngest in my family .. my sister and brother are 12 and 14 years older than me .. yes .. I’m the surprise!!  (Hey, and I turned out pretty good!!  ☺ )  Can’t wait to hear about your transformation!!  LETS DO THIS THING!!!  

    Bennettamber – can’t wait to get to know ya better!!  WOO HOO BFL!!  

    Aussieblue (Belinda) – you can totally do it!!  You’ll have to give me tips on how you find the time .. I am 35 with 3 little kiddos under 5 yrs old .. HELP!!  ☺