Hit an early plateau

  • Hey guys,

    This Saturday (June 26th) ends my third week on body for life.  For the first bit of it I was taking it slow and not jumping straight into my max lift weight since I wasn't sure what that was and was trying to avoid injury.  Although now I feel like I've found it and haven't improved any for two weeks.  

    Turns out I was screwing up the diet part and taking way too small of portions,  I have a good diet set up now but have noticed after workouts I'm barely sore like I was after the first one.  Now that I've fixed my diet should I take a break/switch exercises anything?  This is why I ended up stopping last time too and I REALLY want to keep going.


    Thanks for any help you guys might have.

  • Increase your weight and try and do negatives. I was trying to increase my weight, but didn't have any more weights to increase, so I tried negatives. Basically just slow the motion of the rep and really strain your muscles to do it. I found that it worked REALLY well until I could afford more weight. Now I do heavier weight with negatives and I'm finding my muscles to be really good and torn up