Treadmill,Elliptical or elliptical climber

  • When using the eliptical how to you increase intensity? Resistance or Strides? This morning I did:

    1 and 2 on resistance 5 with the strides at 130 per minute

    3 on 6

    4 on 7

    5 on 8

    6 on 9

    7 on 6

    8 on 7

    9 on 8

    10 on 9

    11 on 6

    12 on 7

    13 on 8

    14 on 9

    15 on 6

    16 on 7

    17 on 8

    18 on 9

    19 on 10 (HOLY MACKERAL)

    20 on 5

    And then I cooled down because I was done and couldn't see just hitting the shower with my heart rate at 150... I tried to keep my strides at the 130 per minute speed, but fluctuated between 124 and 138. My heart rate was very high for basically the whole time. I really worked up a sweat and had the most intense workout I've had in a while, so all is good :)

    However, I read on an earlier post that we shouldn't increase resistance or incline on the machines? Only speed? But here it seems as though people are increasing resistance...

    Any thoughts??


  • Elizabeth: When doing cardio, your goal is to work your heart and lungs not your lower body. If your resistance is such that you feel all wobbly in the legs when done, then you will know you worked them too hard. If you are not giving your LB enough time in between their workouts, you are really defeating the purpose of working hard during LBWO to  gain lean muscles because you are just ripping them up the next day. You may be compromising your UB as well if you are using those arm bars too.

    Also, if your HR is steady - even a steady high like you say, that is building ENDURANCE and not dipping in to that area of HIIT where you build up, then slow down to get the metabolism fired up and fat burning to kick in. Being able to keep HR up like that will help you to run a 5K though! (wink wink!)

    That's just my 2 cents. I rode my stationary bike my first challenge and wasnt told till week 11 that I was overtraining my quads. So speed with cardio, strength with LB.

    Keep up the great work!

  • florabelle:

    I have been out of town, and not on the boards much.  I am not sure how to change up this routine.  I get a lot of fitness mags, and it was outlined in one of those.  I would say work more on the speed, and just increase the incline when you can.  If you are only doing 1% incline, you may want to wait to do the routine I laid out.  I can walk at 15-20 incline at 3.8 speed for 30-45 minutes (prior to BFL), but breaking it up like that makes you hit your highs & lows.  I wouldn't do it every HIIT session, because it is actually 30 minutes and you will burn out quickly.  I am actually starting BFL officially on August will be checking in daily at that point.  Take care.

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  • Guess that is why you are "Legs," right??  Ha!  Overtraining your quads......

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Nope! It's the body part I have always wanted to have toned ALL MY LIFE. And I am not going to stop till I get me some calves.

    "Butt" could've been my name, but that is just weird. He he he. I'll stick with legs. : /

  • I switch between treadmill, elliptical, and upright bike. My last challenge I did all treadmill.

    Here is my current treadmill workout.

    0.5 Incline

    Minute 1-2 (Level 5) 3.5 Speed

    Minute 3 (Level 6) 4.5 Speed

    Minute 4 (Level 7) 5.5 Speed

    Minute 5 (Level 8) 6.5 Speed

    Minute 6 (Level 9) 7.5 Speed

    Minute 7(Level 6) 4.5 Speed

    Minute 8 (Level 7) 5.5 Speed

    Minute 9 (Level 8) 6.5 Speed

    Minute 10 (Level 9) 7.5 Speed

    Minute 11(Level 6) 4.5 Speed

    Minute 12 (Level 7) 5.5 Speed

    Minute 13 (Level 8) 6.5 Speed

    Minute 14 (Level 9) 7.5 Speed

    Minute 15 (Level 6) 4.5 Speed

    Minute 16 (Level 7) 5.5 Speed

    Minute 17 (Level 8) 6.5 Speed

    Minute 18 (Level 9) 7.5 Speed

    Minute 19 (Level 10) 8.5 Speed

    Minute 20 (Level 2) 2.0 Speed

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