Treadmill,Elliptical or elliptical climber

  • Which is good for a great cardio workout? Treadmill,Elliptical or Elliptical Climber? I have been on the treadmill for three weeks and getting a little discouraged. One year ago when i was just excercising i lost 25lbs in 2.5 months on the elliptical climber.   Which is better? How would you hit your 10's on these machnes?

  • My vote is for mixing it up so that you don't get bored.

  • I was a marathoner for years and never would have believed that I could get a good aerobic workout on any machine.  While deployed to the desert I was forced to do my aerobic workout on machines due to the extreme heat outside.  I am completely convinced now that you can get as good of a workout on a machine as you can running.  It's all in your perceived effort.  I am currently working out on an elliptical because of a minor achilles tendon issue and I love it.  I put the resistance on level 5 and exercise at 73 rpm for one minute (level 5) then 6/78, 7/83, 8/88, 9/93 and for a 10... 10/100+.  It is a great workout for me and I always leave a pool of sweat under and around the machine!  I can get the same results from a treadmill.  I haven't used the elliptical climber so I can't speak for that.  

  • I agree with mixing it up. I think in general practice it is always good to mix up your excerise routines every couple of weeks to ensure you recruit all the different muscles in your workouts -- even for cardio.

    Also, before I started the BFL, I was training for a half-marathon and researched different training routines and  found that several studies recommended cross-training which means using a stationary bike, treadmill and an elliptical machine to get the best results in running a half-marathon.

    So what I'm trying to do now is record the distance I run on the treadmill as my base measurement then cross-train twice a week and run once a week. I can see the difference on the treadmill. Before I started cross-training, my distance would improve each week by .2 or .3 miles. Now that I've started cross-training I am improving .5 to .6 miles every week. Its a BIG difference that adds up fast.

  • I love,love,love my eliptical, here is my rutine.

    min 1 and 2  level 3

    min 3 level 5 weight 5

    min 4 level 6 weight 6

    min 5 level 7 weight 7

    min 6 level 9 weight 9

    min 7 level 5 weight 5

    min 8 level 6 weight 6

    min 9 level 7 weight 7

    min 10 level 9 weight 9

    min11 level 5 weight 5

    min 12 level 6 weight 6

    min 13 level 7 weight 7

    min 14 level 9 weight 9

    min15 level 5 weight 5

    min 16 level 6 weight 6

    min 17 level 7 weight 7

    min 18 level 9 weight 9

    min 19 level 10 weight 10....ugh for butt and legs are killing me.

    min 20 level 1 weight 1 ...yeah me...I am Alive :)

  • aufan:  Confused about your weights on this.  Are you using physical weights or is it a setting on the eliptical?  Thks.


    Here is a super challenging treadmill workout; it mixes up levels and speeds.  It is actually 30 minutes, but if you don't work up a sweat on this one, something's wrong (ha)!

    Min:                Incline:             Speed:

    0-3                      3                        3.5

    3-5                      3                        4.0

    5-7                      3                        5.0

    7-9                     4.5                      4.0

    9-11                   4.5                      5.5

    11-13                 4.5                      4.5

    13-15                 6                         6.0

    15-17                 6                         5.0

    17-20                 6                         4.0

    20-22                 4.5                      5.5

    22-23                 4.5                      7.0

    23-24                 4.5                      6.0

    24-25                 3                         5.0

    25-27                 3                         4.0

    27-30                 0                         3.5

    Make it your goal to keep arms at sides at all times, and not hold on to the rails at all.

    Good luck...let me know what you think once you try it.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I have a treadmill and an elliptical.  I use whatever I'm in the mood for.  I find I gravitate toward the elliptical.   My treadmill does not have an incline and my elliptical does so I feel I get a better workout and hit my 10's more with it.   It also does not give me shin splints which i get pretty easily.

  • Hi,

    I use the treadmill but readily admit that the choice is just a matter of preference.  The more important thing to consider is how you are using the equipment.  Whether using a treadmill or elliptical  you can use increased incline or increased resistance, respectively, to ramp up to your high points.  Or you can use increased speed with either machine to hit your high points.  Set your baseline routine and then work to improve on the baseline.

    For me, I have found that I should increase my speed and incline weekly to insure that I am always hitting my 10's.  Otherwise, your body will quickly adapt.  So the important thing is to really push yourself.  This means constantly pushing ahead when your mind may be telling you to stop.

    Good Luck,


  • it is the resistance setting on my machine.

  • I missed my cardio session this morning, so am about to do it after work. I am happy I stumbled across this, i have always had questions about how to really get the best out of your 20 minutes. The trainer that walks around in the gym, came to me and told me that the treadmill is not a good workout machine for my 20 minute aerobic solution. She swears that you have do train more (e.g 40 minutes aerobic session) to see results. I have read that BFL book front to back and back to front, and know that is says, "more is not always good". I want to ask her for help on my form during my weight training sessions, but she does not know much about BFL, and she thinks I am just lazy. What can I do.

    Also i wanted to know if I can substitute the 20 minutes with a workout DVD, e.g "Hip Hop ABS"?


  • Lady D-

    explain to that gym trainer that what you're doing is a 20 minute high intensity cardio workout and 40 minutes of high intensity cardio is not such a good idea. as for getting help with weight training, perhaps telling her that you're trying to go for muscle failure she might understand. i know what you mean though about asking the trainers in the gym. they think their way is the right way and only way to train. everyone has different goals. the girl in my gym tried to convince me that i was lifting too heavy and i would look bulky. she said i should just tone with lighter weights and i told her, that 1. i don't have time to do tons of reps, 2. i need a challenge and 3. no matter how much weight i lifted, i could never turn out looking like arnold unless i was taking some kind of steroids....i explained that i wanted to build strength and muscle so that i can optimize my fat burning potential. as for the substituting 20 minutes of high intensity cardio with a workout dvd? well, i don't think it would be sufficient cardio. but this is just my own opinion. i do fun workouts like that for fun in addition to my high intensity cardio and weight training.

    hope this helps.

  • Hi Brie

    Thank you, i will surely try that.


  • thanks for this i just pulled a hamstring and am recovering so i did the bike today but want to get back on track i lost 2 days of cardio last week. Love the eliptical idea.

  • This is EXACTLY what i was looking for,,,how long did it take you to complete this?

    i mean, my incline now is a measley 1% and my HP on the speed is 5.6.

    Can you help me alternate these figures so i won't injure myself?

    Thanks Nat

  • I personally trade off between them...whatever I'm in the mood for.