Iliotibial band syndrome

  • I'm on C2W3D2 and I've been having trouble on my cardio days with knee pain. I followed up with my orthopedist (having had a meniscal tear last August) and was diagnosed with iliotibial band syndrome.  I have an appointment with my chiropractor  this evening and then next week with my PT.  I'm anxious about my cardio workout today.  Don't know if I should push on or wait for my two appointments.  Anyone have any experience with this?




  • Kenny,

    Sounds like you're taking the right steps.  The iliotibial band has two muscles that feed into it from the pelvis; the Tensor fascia lata and Gluteus maximus.  It is essentially fascia that envelops muscles and divides them into compartments in the leg.  If it's too tight it can effect the knee, producing usually anterior knee pain if it's pulling the knee cap to the outside, but sometimes lateral (outside of the knee) pain.

    Make sure the knee cap moves well.  Make sure the Tensor fascia is not the dominate hip abductor (gluteus medius and minimus usually need endurance/strength).  Make sure the foot mechanics aren't driving any of this.

    Good luck!

    Kevin Ford, PT