My bench sucked today

  • Thanks Jacium for that great reminder....I stuck to the dumbells on my last chest workout and low and behold!!!! my chest is sore in the right places today. That feels great!!! to know i got a great workout in, that is. ;)

    Today's Mighty Oak is yesterdays Nut that held its Ground!

  • Excellent - go for it!

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • my fav quote   from a national level strong man

    " somone once asked me, why i don't lift to "look pretty", he said i'd rather lift to be as strong as i can....then again I already am pretty '  :)

  • Give it time man, I'm 6' 317lbs....i've competed several times in powerlifting a few times. Lift what YOU can do. I've seen guys bench over 600lbs raw......and seen a girl bench her bodyweight at meets. You know what? Everyone screamed and high fived the girl just as much as the big guy benching 600lbs. Your max, your weight, your workout is YOURS. A PR is a PR( personal record)

    Muscle memory is a big deal man, in 6months i'm sure you'll have two wheels on there!

  • Well, I'm into the last week of the challenge and did my last UBWO of the 12 weeks yesterday. So I figured I would return to this thread with my results after 3 months.

    My first UBWO chest work out July 24th was

    Dumbell Press




    40lbx6 (with help from a spotter)


    20x12 DB fly.

    My last UBWO chest workout Oct 11

    47.5lb x 12

    55lb x 10

    65lb x 8

    75lb x6

    50lb x12

    35lbx12 DB Fly

    I am absolutely blown away with my progress in just 3 months of really pushing hard at the gym. I'm back to lifting what I was in my mid 20s, probably with even better form that I had back then.  For anyone wondering if this program will increase your strength while at the same time losing fat, it does and then some.

    Of course the effort is up to you, but put in that effort and workout with intensity and the rewards are amazing!

  • That is some amazing results !!! Doubleing up is a great thing....just not on the scale. :D

    Today's Mighty Oak is yesterdays Nut that held its Ground!