walking lunges

  • I did a glutes exercise that burned my butt!! Lay on the floor with heels on the bench, raise up your rear while pushing one leg towards the ceiling. I did this on each leg for a regular set of exercises (added it to LBWO). Was a good one...I think it helped the ol bum!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Deb:  that sounds like a good one.  Here is another one to try...I hope I can explaini it.

    Find the leg extension machine, and get on all fours in front of it (a mat is nice to have below you).  Your butt will be facing the machine.  You will want to take one foot and lift up the bar and do your reps with that foot, and then switch feet.  Your leg will be bent at the knee and you will be lifting your foot to the ceiling.  Kinda picture doing this without any equipment, and then position yourself under the machine.....make sense???  You really feel this one in your glutes.  

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