Lunges and Step Ups are GREAT for Lower Body

  • Hello!

    After a couple years of doing Body for LIFE, I came to appreciate exercises that don't work the muscles groups in isolation, but rather work many of them at the same time. Lunges and step-ups are two such exercises. I notices a great difference in my hips and thighs when I began to do these two exercises. I was asked how these work with the Body for LIFE way of working out-and it's simple. Use dumbbells for added weight resistance, increasing the increments as needed. 

    Have a go at it, but be prepared, they are a killer! Also, make sure on the step-ups that your step is not too high, your leg should not make more than a 90 degree angle when stepping up. 

    All the best in pursuing your Body for LIFE! 



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  • Amy, You are soooo right! These work the ol leg and hips GOOOOOD!! Last round of exercises I did crossover step ups to work the adductor muscles (the outer thigh)...good burn!

    And can you go wrong with those...they are the devil...but make you hurt so good! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • My first LBWO I did lunges....I thought my legs were going to revolt and leave my body for safer ground. However, my legs, which already looked pretty good, look fantastic now.