To eat or not to eat before working out in the morning - Help please

  • I usually get up at about 8am and can only get to the gym at 10:30, what do i do? Should I eat when I get uo or still wait my half hour after my gym session before I have anything. This will mean that the first time I have any food for the day I would of been awake for about 3 and a half hours?

      Im really confused about this as everyone sais its best for loosing weight to exercise on an empty stomach. Any suggestions or advice will be great.

  • It is best to workout on an empty stomach but you can still get good results if you can't.  Eat one hour before you workout.

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  • BevR....I've done several successful challenges since my first one back in 2003 and I will NEVER workout....weights or cardio on an empty stomach. I know the book recommends you do but it doesn't  work for me. I tried once doing my cardio before eating in the morning  and I was sick all weak. Your body needs fuel to have the energy to do a high intensity workout. My advice is with your schedule definitely eat when you get up and you'll have energy for the gym. Check out my profile and you'll my results from my latest challenge and I never worked out on an empty stomach. All the best!!

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  • Ok the recommendation to workout on an empty is recommended only if you do it first thing when you wake up so if your waking up at 8 and don't workout till 10.30 then you most definitely should eat your first meal at 8, i personally believe the whole working out on an empty stomach doesn't do much for fat-loss, in fact the workouts themselves  only stimulate change, the real key is the switch from a high calorie low quality diet to a lower calorie higher nutritious meal plan

  • I asked the same question to my coach, 2 weeks ago, because I felt so weak when I had no breakfast before. He said that it's better to have an orange or kiwi just before exercising or coffee our body needs fuel. In your case, I would recommend a breakfast at 8pm.

  • Meals Matter!!!!!!! Even if you don't eat before you workout you will add muscle. But it's a good idea to eat first. If you train on an empty stomach in the morning, for example, you will have lost a significant amount of carbohydrates from fasting over night. This can cause low blood glucose that could make you feel light headed. If you cannot eat a meal be sure to get some carbohydrate-rich food before hand, This will give you more energy, which will help you through your work out. Bottom line eat!!! John