Does anyone else have an at home workout room instead of going to the gym?

  • Everyone always talks about going to the gym, I was wondering how many do all their workouts at home and what equipment they use and like.

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  • I work out at home!  I love that I am able to because it makes it impossible for me to make any excuses why not to work out, it's right there in my garage!

    I have free weights a weight bench and an elliptical machine.  I do  my HIIT on the eliiptical machine, running and in my front room (a workout called the nightmare before christmas)  it's so hard!  My husband found it online from a professional mountain biker.  


  • In our (my husband & I do BFL together) "at home" workout room (soon to be moved into the basement as it will be much cooler down there as the weather heats up and has more room (for growth), we have:

    Free weights from 1lb - 40lbs. Weight plates from 2 1/2lbs - 25lbs. Also weights that fit inside each other from 10 - 80lbs.

    A weight bench with a leg extension/hamstring curl attachment, a preacher curl attachment, bench raises to be incline, adjustable bars on the other end (to rest a barbell on), we both love & use it all.

    We have a total gym with attachments: wing attachment (great for abs and pull ups), press up bars, weight bar to add weight plates (great for leg squats), pilates toe bar (great for calfs with added weights on the weight bar), leg pulley (we have not used with BFLworkouts) and the Cyclo Trainer - still trying to figure out how to get a good HIIT workout with it.

    A ball - great for lots of exercises.

    Adjustable step up boxes - great for calfs and quads.

    An Orbitrek - cardio. We alternate the Orbitrek and the total gym cyclo trainer.

    That's pretty much it!

    We would like to add on and was curious what was working for other "at home" people.


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    Dee :)

  • Thanks Rachel!

    Would you recommend your elliptical machine?

    I have not tried running outside but I've often thought about going to this little cemetery down the street on a weekend and trying it.

    Tried to find the nightmare before christmas workout but could not find it.

    I also thought for cardio - using a step up box and doing Jeri Love's "Up Up Down Down" movement she does in her workout video: Get Ripped 1000.

    I will try both ideas some time in the future!

    I love doing workouts at home also! You just fall out of bed, put on ...WHATEVER, drink some water & go! Such a time & money saver! Also I like my privacy! (Funny faces, grunts, singing along with songs during your 1 min breaks, being silly & having fun with my husband, never being embarrassed about anything etc.)






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    Dee :)

  • I tried my first at home cardio last week on the lonely elliptical machine in my living room...yah that is where it lives.  Was quite the change from my trip to the treadmill at the gym and was almost like a treat to not have to drive there.

    My thing is I like the mindset I get into at the gym.  I have learned so much from just watching other folks and have made a few friends along the way.

    Someday I might acquire more equipment for  a home gym, for now going out is working for me.

  • I work out at home most of the time, although we do have a membership to the Y. Home is just more convenient for my schedule at the moment. We have a treadmill for cardio, adjustable bench for weight training, free weights (dumbbells/barbells), resistance bands (good substitute for cable machines at the gym), and a swiss ball.


  • I work out at home.  I have a gym membership, and every few months I get the desire to change things up and I head to the gym for a while.  But since my workouts are pretty focused, and the save on driving and all is about 30 minutes all told, I really prefer my home gym.

    I converted a part of my garage and currently have a smith machine, bowflex selecttech dumbells, 600lbs of olympic weights, two barbells, a heavy bag and an elliptical set up in the gym.

    I've collected a lot of other stuff and cycle it in and out as I change things up.


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  • Deirdre~  I will try and find the link to that workout, it is killer!  I love my elliptical machine!  I really push myself hard on it!  I don't think I would work out as hard at a gym as I do at home.  I scream and grunt and say curse words when I'm hitting my tens!  It's very theraputic!  Not something I would want to do in public!


  • I work out at home and outside, so no gym.  We have an elliptical.  If you're considering one I highly recommend spending a little extra $$ and buying a good one.  Those cheap ones like you would get at a big box store just don't move smooth.  We also have a stationary bike, workout bench (leg extension and curls, incline bench and bars), calve machine (it's the best!), free weights and plates, stability ball for core exercises and a DVD player for exercise videos (obviously, not BFL).  And all this is in our sunroom so I get to look outside as I workout instead of a basement wall.  I'm very thankful for that.  Outside, I use my bikes or walk/jog.  Also, since I'm in mountain country, I love to hike.  It's harder to put that into BFL HIIT form, but it's a nice change from routine.

    Like Rachel said, having a 'gym' at home, removes ALL excuses, especially if you have little ones to take care of.  But James K does have a point I think about mindset.  They each have their good and not so good points.

    Either way, we all need to workout and get moving.

  • Yep Rachel! I can relate! So funny!

    GREAT workout room Jeff!!!

    I love your quote!: 10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

    Also I have many BFL before & after pictures and their stats all over my workout room walls. I look at them frequently during cardio and say "I want to look like that so MOVE IT!"

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    Dee :)

  • Thanks for the advice Bonwitty! Your right - my Orbitrek is old and was cheap, while it does the job of getting my heart rate going good, it is not smooth at all! Maybe Santa will bring me a new one!

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    Dee :)

  • Over the years of trying to stay committed to working out and saving money (so I thought) on gym memberships, I accumulated enough stuff to create a workout room.  I have resistance bands and even one of those over the door Gold's Gym Home Gym System (  When I first started BFL I worked out at home just because I was embarrased at how big I was and I wanted to be sure I was fimiliar with what I was doing.  I much prefer the gym for motivation (seeing the same motivated folks every morning) and for the variety of equipment, especially for LBWO's.  Below is a photo of my room.  It's the perfect "no excuse" room.  We had a succession of huge snowstorms over the winter so it came in handy for staying on track with my workouts.

    The room has an elliptical, an adjustable weight bench, an exercise ball and the Bowflex Select-Tech free weights (

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I have always worked out at home.  I work full time and have 2 teenage kids that run me ragged.  I don't usually have a moments peace until after 8:00 so working out at home is ideal.  I think if I had to leave to go to a gym I just wouldn't do it.   My gym is in my upstairs loft.  No matter where I go I have to walk right past/thru it so it keeps me motivated to use it daily.  I have free weights from 2lbs - 25lbs.  I have a bench with a variety of disks from 2.5lbs to 25lbs.   I have a home gym that I found on Craigslist for $200.  It has the leg press, leg extension, lat pull so it gives me some more options.  I also have an elliptical and a treadmill.   I use the elliptical for HIIT.  I really feel I have to push myself harder on the elliptical beacuse I am the only think making it move.  I can't set a speed like atreadmill so I stay focused and push myself harder if that makes any sense.

    Here is a pic.  It's nothing fancy but it works!   I just got a little flat screen TV to hang on the wall to open up some space.


  • Great room Heather! I'm going to check out craigs list, wow, what a deal!!!

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    Dee :)

  • I work out at home. I had gym memberships at various times, but this saves me about 30 minutes travel, probably more when I add in waiting for machines, tetc.

    About a year ago I bought an elliptical, mid price. It's an eSpirit, and cost about $1400, but I do use it pretty faithfully, even before I started BfL. I think the next one will probably be more like $2400-3000, because they feel more substantial. I just didn't want to drop that much money when I'd never had one before. I have knee issues, so don't run outside (or anywhere, really) and I have a bike that I ride outside, but that doesn't seem to work for HIIT very well because I end up riding around the neighborhood and keep having to stop/slowdown at intersections, corners, etc.

    My "gym" is VERY minimal - it's in a bedroom that's about 10x11, with no other furniture yet. I plan to put a bed in there at least, as I only have a 2-bedroom place, and need a place for my son when he visits. In addition to the eSpirit, I have weights to 15# (more than enough for me at this point!) , a step, yoga mat, stability ball, stretch cords, and miscellaneous other impulse purchases over the years. I don't even really have room for a bench, so I've been using the ball, though I'm worried about using that as I start using heaver weights. For instance, when I get to using the 15# weights for seated curls, that's my weight PLUS 30#, and I don't want to come crashing to the floor when the ball explodes!   ;-)

    I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, though. For now, I'm improvising, and it's more than I was doing before, right?  



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