am i doing this right?????

  • Seated calf machine at the gym.....when I use this machine, I am not sure if I am using the proper form. when i lift my weights for my calves, the seat kind of tilts back as well... it feels kind of weird and I am not sure if I am supposed to "lean back" with it, or keep my spine aligned straight up and down and just tilt my pelvis with the movement. I am pretty short, so this machine is pushing the line as far as being effective, as the distance between the pads that come down onto my knees and the seat is almost too far. It's hard to feel like I am working my calves at all but the pads crush my knees pretty hard. what other calf exercises do you all use? (my gym doesn't have a standing calf machine, BTW)

  • I never had much luck with the seated calf machine.  My legs are too short for the one at my gymt, and every time I would finish a heavy set I couldn't raise the bar hi enough to lock it out.  At least it sounds like you can get the bar back in place.  You could always try the standing calf raise machine, if available.  Works just as good.

    As far as your form.  If your calves and only you calves are sore when you're've probably got the right form.

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  • if you don't have a standing calf machine grab a weight and hold it to your side (right side if you're working the right calf, and vice versa) and stand on an elevated platform on the ball of your foot while raising the other to shift weight on to the calf you're working. Hold onto something with your free hand for balance then lower your heel, as if to stretch your calf, then push up as if to flex like a ballerina. thats one rep. here are some examples: