Do I have to work out my calves?

  • I have pretty muscular calves and I'd rather not develop them any further.  Could I maybe substitute abductor/adductor exercises instead?

  • Hi Lolabyrd

    I have to say i've been omitting the calve excercises and doubling up on my abs and doing obliques everytime  aswell. I've always had muscular calves and I dont want them any more defined.

    Sian x

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  • You aren't going to get abs any faster by adding more exercises to it.  Have you ever heard the phrase, "Abs are made in the kitchen?"  It really is a matter of what you eat and not so much the exercises although they do help, I dont' suggest going overboard with ab workouts.

    Only you know what you want your body to look like and since we can't see you, it really is up to you if you want to work your calves.  :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I am aware that having good abs is about removing the fat and not doing heaps of crunches, however,  having balanced muscles also looks better i.e equally toned central abs as obliques.

    Personally I would rather build a strong core for when the fat melts away as apposed to creating more bulk on my calves (they are already bulky having never been specifically trained) but thats just me.

    Doesnt seem to be doing me any harm but will find out properly next friday at 4 weeks for first weigh in.

    By the way amazing results Sharon you go girl x

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • I was wondering the same thing, but more from the point of view that I didn't know if it really had any benefit, especially if you are doing squats as the quad exercise, because squats actually work the whole leg including calf.

    One countervailing consideration - if you leave it out, the workout is shorter. Does this mean we are in some way compromising the programme? That is 18 workouts where we do less than what is recommended? What energy impact, and therefore what impact on the results?

    i don't know the answers, just throwing them out there for comment.

  • i used to think doing my calves was dumb...they aren't defined but i don't care, but i found when I do the calf exercises that you hold dumbbells and stand on your toes, i can really feel it in my butt so i like doing them now.

    i used to love the standing calve machine for my butt too, but my gym got rid of it :(

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  • My gym is missing a standing calf machine, too... and I miss it. The sitting one is awkward to me.

    Any reason why the BFL program doesn't integrate inner & outer thigh reps? Especially for women?