Burning Stomach

  • When I am on the treadmill and in my 9 and my 10 intensity I get a burning in my gut. Anyone else get this? I am thinking this is a good thing, lets me know I am pushing it intensity wise. If I keep the same settings for few days I don't get the burn anymore. Was kind of curious what everyone else goes through on their 9 and 10

  • cd21, Yep!  I get that.  I really don't know what is going on.  I tell myself it is my empty stomach wanting something to do.  Mine isn't an abdominal muscle burn it is more like my stomach itself is doing something.  I also get water sloshing sometimes but I can explain that one :)

  • at my 9-10 at the end; i  feel like i am going to barf.. it burns bad, but once i hit at level 5 at the end it is all better...

  • CD21,

    I have a similar sensation happen at levels 9 and 10 on Cardio days as well.  I just imagine that this is what Bill Phillips is talking about when you have to reach deep inside yourself to find the strength to hit a level 10 and I push through.  Afterwards on these days I feel amazing and I KNOW that I worked myself very hard.  Keep up the good work!!


  • Yep, that would be the "throw up" factor of cardio! Keep pushing it people...that furnace is a burning and it's eatin' up your fat stores!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Man - I love that feeling....LOL. WE GET IT HERE!! Its OK!! Work it people!