working with weights question..

  • How do I know at which weights to start at?

  • It's different for everyone.  I started with almost zero weight on the first set for the first workouts, then slowly added as it fit the intensity level.  It takes about two weeks, at least for me, to get it right.  the important thing is to start.  Welcome.

  • JenniferJ: If you are new to lifting weights it will take some trial and error and time. As an example when doing dumbell curls for your biceps you might start with 5lb for 12 reps then 7.5 lb for 10 reps then 10 lb for 8 reps then 12.5 lb for 6 reps then back to 10 lb for 12 reps along with your second excersize. This might be a good place to start. If you find you could have done more then your next workout increase the weight. As a general guideline the first set of 12 reps should be fairly easy and the final 2 sets of 12 should be extremely hard. Hope this helps.

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  • Hi fit4life,

    I have a question,  I'm starting this program this Tuesday, day after Memorial Day.  My question is with weights.  This is going to sound like a stupid question but I only have a set of 5 lb dumbells.  Do I need to go buy more or can I use only the 5 lbs?

    Thanks so much,  Sheila

  • Hiya Sheila,

    As fit4life indicated in the previous post you will have to continue to challenge those muscles by breaking them down with your intensity.  5 lb weights alone will not be enough to allow you to do that.

    Have you read the BFL book?  It may be worth your time to get it and spend this next week preparing for your start day.  Many libraries stock it.  Also the challenge kit available for download on this site does a good job of explaining how the weight resistance activities are conducted with progressively more challenging weights.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you.

  • Sheila,  

    If you have the ability buy weights from 5lbs - 25lbs.  When I started I bought 5lb, 8lb, 10, 12lbs.  I very quickly gained strength and had to get 15lbs, 20lbs & 25lbs.  Especially when it comes to working your legs.   Half way thru the challenge I had to purchase a barbell set with weights up to 100lbs.  And by the end I purchased a home gym.  You'll be amazed how quickly your strength increases.   I got mine dumb bells from a second hand sports store.  The first set I got for about $60.  The higher weights get more expensive.   The home gym I found on Craigslist for $200.  But it's worth it!   Think about all the money you've spent in the past on fad diets, miracle diet pill or the latest lose weight in 30 days gimmicks.   This is hands down money better spent!   Best of luck with your challenge!


  • Sheila.....some of the "veterans" have answered your question well. If you are at home working out you will need at least a set of dumbells and a bench to start. The idea of "progressive resistence" is a key element in the BFL program. JamesK asked if you had read the BFL book....if you haven't you need to. In my profile I wrote that before I ever did my first challenge I took the book and for a week read it cover to cover so I completely understood the entire program which really helped me. All the best....we're all here to help.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Hey Jennifer.. Just want to let you know I started this week and with the weight training I did what fit4life posted. with hammer curls / tricep overhead extensions/shoulder presses etc.. i started out with 5lbs x 12 reps then went to 8lbs x 10reps; 10lbs x 8 reps; 15lbs x 6 reps.. it was a great place to start at and was a challenge at the end.. You can do it! Definately read the book, research it , and plan. Before I started I made myself a 12 week binder that i organized.. it has helped a lot my first week.. I think it makes it easier to keep track of things. good luck!